Women, I feel you!

I really do and I feel sorry for you.

Before you get angry at me take the time to read this post and you’ll understand what I mean.

As you might know, this weekend I went to Ljubljana to party with a friend of mine who finished med school :) So, as I got there my friend was already as it should be: drunk!

After we partied a bit more in the apartment, we went out in the best place in Ljubljana: Metelkova!
That awesome squat is a very alternative place with a lot of bars and clubs and it’s very diverse. I simply love that place, you can have any type of music you want and everyone gets along with each other and it’s pure awesomeness. I hope you got how much I like it there :P

Ok, so at first we went to a drum&base party which was great. After a while my friend and her friends decided that we should go to another club, just across the street. That particular club was a gay-club. As I don’t care about those stuff of course I went.

The place was full! Packed! We were literally one. To get from one side to another you had to crawl between people and so on. You get the picture.

At first I was a bit annoyed buy the amount of touching(by guys) I was receiving, I must admit that. But after a few minutes I realized that I don’t have any reasons to be mad at them. I was the one who decided to go to a gay club, and the fact that they assumed I was gay too was totally understandable. After I realized that I just relaxed and enjoyed the party. And I did. Oh my! Those people really know how to party and what dancing is :)

Ok, the fact that I wasn’t bothered by the dancing next to each other or by the feel of other guy’s chest next to my arm as I was crossing the room didn’t change the fact that guys were hitting on me. Yes, I know how beautiful and awesome I am and I am very modest about it too, hahaha

The thing that I did notice about gay men was the fact that after I was looking at them with a face telling “no, thanks!” they were backing off, the next second. And that wasn’t only once. Every time someone was doing it he was backing off after “the evil eye” :P

And this experience made me think about you, women. Oh, poor you…
I feel how annoying might be to go through this a few times a day, or even more. Now I do understand why sometimes, some of you, might be bitchy and aggressive. I get it, you might want a break or just to have fun and not deal with that. And as a friend pointed out to me: straight men are more aggressive and they don’t back off so easily…

So as I said in the title, I feel you! I do hope you won’t be bitchy too many times, but even if you’ll be, probably you’ll have a reason.

And once again, I learned a new thing, by experiencing it and by empathizing.

Take care and see you soon!

Women, I feel you!