A lot of people ask me „Why do you travel alone?” or “Why don’t you travel with a girl ;)” or similar questions.

They are entitled to ask this. Come on! Who would like to travel alone? To sleep alone and be alone in a room? Not a lot of people, I tell you!(don’t worry, in almost 2 years I was alone less than 2 weeks, if I add all the days together)

Some people decide to do this on purpose. They decide to do this for various reasons, and I totally understand them. For me it was just a coincidence because I decided to travel and it was something quite spontaneous.

What I later discovered, after traveling solo for almost 2 years, is that this way of traveling will teach you, a lot!

This way it will show you your real value!

By traveling solo you will put yourself in the position of dealing with all the shit on your own. You will have to do everything. You will act when you will have to act and when you will decide to act.

See how much I use the word “you”? It’s not by mistake.

Here’s a photo with all the people who will ask you if you need help!

When you’ll travel solo no one will come and ask you “Hey! Are you hungry?” or “Oh, you seem a bit lost. Can I help you?”. Of course there will be times when this will happen. Especially the “are you lost” one, but for that you will really have to stick out of the environment’s crowd.

Solo traveling will make you do things. You’ll open your mouth and ask for stuff. You will speak your mind more often, until you get to the point where everything you’ll speak will be only your mind and no bullshit. You will start seeing your real value and how much you’re worth.

Maybe you think you know how much you’re worth and what’s your value. I have to contradict you!

What you think it’s your value it’s just the tip of the iceberg. For some that tip is bigger, for some it’s smaller. Some people don’t even see that tip. But after traveling solo you’ll start seeing the bigger picture.

And that’s when magic will happen

A lot of time we are quite ok with ourselves and even happy with who we became. But that’s just a little fraction of what we can do.

Some people decide to see push their limits by putting themselves outside of their comfort zone, but that’s still close to the comfort zone. Of course that’s a good thing to do!

But traveling solo…. That’s a real change! Sometimes we need a kick in the ass to make things change. We allow our shell, the comfort zone, to become thicker and thicker by the day. And that’s not good because you won’t know your real value and capabilities.

When you’ll jump, head first and with your eyes closed it will be fun! Of course it might be scary at the beginning, but it will be worth it.

After starting to see your real value and how capable of doing million of things you are, everything will change.

You will become more confident. You will, maybe, even walk differently. You won’t be afraid anymore. You will have a voice. You won’t take shit anymore. You will see yourself in the real mirror and be astonished by what you’ll discover there.

Your hiss will transform into a rawr!

You’re much more than what you think you are!

I have to warn you, this transformation will come with some costs.

You might loose some people that are around you at the moment. It’s not that they won’t like you anymore, but you will be different, and you’ll hear this a lot around you. Some might even get intimidated and that’s why they will back off. Some will realize that they can’t play you anymore and they won’t know what to do.

But by that time you won’t give a shit anymore ‘cos you will know who you are and your real value. You’ll know that those people didn’t even deserve your time and energy.

And those who will stick around. Oh… those are the real people! Keep an eye on them and cherish their presence!

Let me know in a comment what experiences showed you your real value! I would love to hear them!