Where should I start from? OMG!

The best start would be the fact that from Cluj I took a train to Fălticeni in order to have time for the show at TVR Cluj, Fără Prejudecăți. I decided that on Tuesday without having much money on me. I was thinking that I should follow my dream and purpose(to spread the information about the alternative ways to travel) and go for it. I didn’t know, at that time, that the things will fall perfectly into place.
The train was on Saturday at 1:12 AM, the price was HUGE (82.5RON) which I got from you people. At the event in Cluj, the organizers suggested to the paricipants to donate a small amount of money. Well… those money covered my trip to Fălticeni! How awesome is that?

I did try to go without money, or by using less, but the guy who checks the tickets refused me so I followed the rules. Which was fine by me, those money were donated for a reason and the reason was found. Simple!

After i arrived in Fălticeni at 10am, after an almost sleepless night I was greeted by my friend and person who made all possible, Camelia. She took me to her home in Dolheștii Mici(somewhere in the depths of Moldova) and fed me. We talked for a few hours and in the evening we went to Fălticeni where I had the surprise-event. I say surprise because it wasn’t planned with much time ahead and I didn’t mind talking with more people. The event was quite small, more like a chat with friends, in a pub. Most of the participants were girls and it was nice and interesting to see how they feel about volunteering, traveling and all these stuff. The discussion was really nice and interesting for me.

My cosy room


From there we went to Pensiunea Iristar where I was going to stay.
At the pension I had a whole room for myself which was at the 2nd floor from where I could see and amazing vinery! The room was really nice and confy with a very nice bed at my disposal. The fact that was huge helped me A LOT, because I needed sleep. Not to mention the fact that I had the shower in my room which made the transfer from the warm water to the warm and soft bet extremely easy! :)
The pension has a restaurant at the 1st floor as well where I tamed my hunger each time I had to eat.
I noticed that the cleaning lady changed my bed an all the things there every morning, which was nice, but I didn’t actually needed it!
The location is very nice, close to one of the ends of the city next to that vinery which I am sure in the summer looks stunning!

The next day, after I recharged my batteries with a 9 hours sleep at the pension, I decided to go and explore Fălticeni. As I didn’t research it ahead I had no clue what to do and see there. So what do you do in those cases? Exactly! You post it on facebook! Hahha
I wrote a post where I asked who wants to be my guide there and I received a message from a girl that I don’t know which said that there are some people who want to meet me and who also have a nice organization. The organization is called ”Academia de Aventură <Pământul Viu>” (The Adventure Academy ”Living Earth”).
I called them at 11-ish in the morning and I asked them if they want to meet me and be my guides and if they are busy. They were in fact curious to meet me and they came with their van to pick me up.

The unique globe

Those people were great and they took me to a nature’s museum in Fălticeni where I saw an unique globe on earth. The globe was hand-made by a man in 3 years, using only glue toilet paper and paint. It is amazingly done with all the shapes on it and where the oceans are it is covered wiht glass that you can see through. I didn’t even know that there is something like that in Romania, not to mention in Fălticeni!

After that they drove me to their small cabin which is next to the city, in a small valley. The place there is magnifecent and the house is small and built by them, of course! They also built a small open-air stage for theater in the summer and they plan to organize various events there. The house is extremely welcoming and cosy. They were cooking and the first thing they ofered me was some drinks. The drinks were made by them and very, very tasteful!
While the pastas were cooking we started talking about their activities and about my travels. I discovered that they are publishing a SF magazine and I was shocked by the coincidence, because I am writing a SF book at the moment!
If that is not enough, the president of the organization is a wood sculptor. This blew my mind because sculpting is one of the things I will start experimenting with.

These people often go to mountains, conquering peaks after peaks and they also do climbing and canyoning which is fantastic!!!
I was so happy and grateful that I met them, by chance, because they are really valuable people. They told me that I can go there anytime I want and they suggested me to go there in the summer so I can play some theater on their stage(if you don’t know it already I am an amateur actor at Thespis).

After we ate and I watched the organization’s presentations and the video of one of their projects: going by foot from Fălticeni to Gibraltar; we went to the city so I can leave to Suceava, where I had the event “How to travel without money” in Cărturești library.

There were quite some people in the library and they were so curious to find out stuff from me that we started talking before the event so I was a bit late. I was very, very happy and excited to see that the people are so curious. That could be only a good sign.

The event went great and the people from the library even recorded me! So if you want to hear me talking for almost 2 hours you can listen to me here.

The next day I had to go back to Suceava where I was invited to a local radio, Viva FM to talk about how to travel without money and about my travels.
The people there were very nice and interested about my travels. The whole show was amazing and I felt super relaxed. Oh! Did I mention that this was my first time in a radio station? Oh yes it was and I loved it!
The questions and the talk was friendly and I felt like I know them since forever. This things happen to me very often recently and it’s incredible.

In the evening I met again with the people from the academy for some drinks and to explain to them a bit more about my way of living and how I manage to do all this. I was super excited to see that the people want to find out more and that they are curious. There were even 2 adolescent girls who were paying a lot of attention and that’s very good.
There was a very clear moment while we talked when their minds started to think deeply about life and decisions. After that they realized how awesome and healthy it is to follow your dreams and to do what makes you happy. That was one of the moments when I felt that I had an impact.
One of the guys told me that he is really thinking, after we talked, to pack his stuff and travel in order to photograph his journey. He really started to make a plan and to create something which made me very happy.

So don’t forget that if you want to see the beauty of Moldova and to visit Fălticeni you can stay at the academy! Check their facebook page and make sure to visit them, because they are waiting for you. They told me to send all my friends there, I’m not making this up.

”Academia de Aventură <Pământul Viu>” (The Adventure Academy ”Living Earth”).

After my stay in Fălitceni and meeting Moldavians I can only say that I was wrong the whole time! Everything that I heard about Moldavians was wrong and filled with anger and negative energy.

When I arrived here I met wonderful people with warm and kind hearts. These people opened to me and opened their hearts and minds when they interacted with me. They are amazing! Really!

These people have a very good sense of humor and they take life quite easy. They are very interesting. They have God with them everywhere. You can see this in while you talk to them and they make references to god. You can see this in their houses, or accessories. They believe and also they build amazing and eye-pleasing monasteries and churches, which you should definitely visit.
These people are patriots and proud of their roots. They will passionately tell you everything they know about their city, ancestors and everyone they feel it represents them. They are willing to share and help!

Here something happened for the first time in my life! Here, in Moldova, someone stopped the car without me signaling him and asked me if I need a ride(which I actually neded!).
So from now on if someone tells me something bad about Moldavians will have me as an enemy.

I am so happy to have had my prejudices and preconceptions destroyed and demolished by real life. I cannot be thankful enough for this. This is another reason why people should travel: you get to know the real world, by yourself not through other people and by listening to other people.

Be open and allow yourself to be wrong and to learn. Life is a school and it will teach us amazing stuff if we are open and if we are willing to learn.

Meet someone knew! Talk to a stranger or with a minority you didn’t meet personally! Explore!


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