So after my blitzkrieg stop in Brașov I headed up to Sibiu.

I woke up and had another wrestle match with Kaya and after that was all over I filled my bottle with water(it’s a very precious item to have while you travel, especially hitchhiking) and went out to get to my hitchhiking spot. But not before my lovely host woke up and gave me a big bag of cookie with me, just in case. Aawww! It was super sweet of her to take care of me like that!

Next thing you know I’m walking to that place that I know it’s good to hitchhike. I know the place from the last time when I was in Brașov, last summer, to visit Andreea.
It took me around one hour of walking to get there, and of course the whole time I was speaking on the phone. Yeah, yeah, I know! My brain will become mashed potatoes…. Thanks for your concern.

Anyway, as I reached the hitchhiking spot, I dropped my backpack next to a streetlamp and tried to finish my conversation. As I was doing that I reached in my pocket for my paper sign that said “SB” (that’s the abbreviation for Sibiu). While I was walking in circles and finally saying that I am going to hang up soon, I just turned my paper with the writing towards the incoming traffic and next thing you know the car that was next to me just pulled over. I was still on my goddamn phone!!! I was in shock and just managed to say “I got a ride! Bye! Bye!” and ran to the car.

The guy told me that he usually picks up people only if they have signs and that he doesn’t need money and stuff like that(yes, that article about hitchhiking in Romania and the money issue will soon come, have some patience!).
So the guy picked me up because he saw that I am going for a long journey and he needed some company. He didn’t have any clue what kind of company he is getting. By the time we arrived in Sibiu he was punching the steering wheel in disbelief to my stories. For half of the trip he was shocked and he was telling me that the stories I was sharing are bullshit or that I am lying to him. Hahaha! I was laughing the whole time to his reactions.
I really think he was very happy that he picked me up. He kept telling me that he wouldn’t believe a word of these stories if they were being told to him by someone who heard them. He was so funny!

In Sibiu, from the place where the shocked driver left me I had to walk, again, for approximately one hour to get to my hosts’ apartment. I couldn’t care less, because I was where I wanted and because it was a very nice, warm and sunny day. Cha-ching!

As I got to my hosts’ apartment I was greeted first by Barney, their lovely beagle with whom I got to sleep with and wrestle, of course. I was so happy that he was well behaved and sociable, cos I love all animals and especially dogs.


My hosts, Mirona and Ioana, were very, very nice with me and gave me a pair of keys and told me to feel like home. That was super comforting and I liked the fact that they were so open and trusting.

After I saw the place and talked a bit with the girls, I went out to meet an awesome guy, Cornel. I met him on facebook, of course, and we had some interesting conversations over there. I told him that when I will come to Sibiu I want to meet him because he’s very interesting to me. And so he was.
He’s a photographer too and he took some shots of me, which only flattered me and inflated my ego a lil bit.

photo by Cornel Moșneag


After that we went to have a coffee and he guided me though the streets to one small coffee shop which had various blends and stuff. Basically a coffee drinker’s heaven.
I told him to recommend me something and that was the first time when I had an Irish coffee, that’s coffee with alcohol. It had 2 types of alcohol in it: one was rum and coffee liqueur. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Really! I never thought I will like bitter taste. It had such an amazing bitter taste. Oh my!

When we finished our coffees and several shots of me, we went to a library where there was an event: a book launch. I just got to Sibiu a few hours later and there I am to the launching of a book. To be honest I didn’t pay much attention to the event but to the library because it’s very interesting and they have a big collection of various books. Oh, and I was also surfing on the net, letting everyone know that I arrived safely.

After that we decided to go to the philharmonic. He knew there will be a concert so we went there for him to photograph it and for me to enjoy it. We sat at the balcony and it was delightful! I felt so good and I started to meditate or something. My body was there but I couldn’t feel it and my mind left the place. It was really therapeutic.

at the philharmonic

When that was over we moved to a rock bar in the center where some of his friends were having a concert. The place looks amazing and it’s perfect for a photo shooting, in my opinion. At one point it started to become full of youngsters, as one of the bands was a high-scholars band.

I decided to move to a different place, the place where I was going to have the event the next day, after half an hour but it was so cold on my way there that I just went straight home.

Next day after I had my coffee and breakfast with Ioana, I called a very good friend of mine and ex-girlfriend, Sascha, who helped me organize the event in Sibiu. She’s also pregnant and I wanted to see her and congratulate for the pregnancy and stuff.
She is exactly the same, even her body, and we had a ton of fun talking about all that happened since 2007 till now. In that time-frame we didn’t talk that much, but we kept in contact. You can imagine how much stuff we had to share. I stayed at her place until I had my event.

photo by Cornel Moșneag

On Friday the 13th I had my event, in Friends Pub! It was exactly like any other day, as you can expect. The place filled up with some people and friends and I started talking with them and sharing all my knowledge and stories. There were a few who were really curious and they even brought pen and paper and were taking notes. For me that’s a very good sign. They asked me a lot of details and I explained all the things I know and recommended them the best things, websites and courses I know.

After the event finished I stayed some more there with Cornel and his friends, but most of the time I was on my phone connected to the internet because my hosts didn’t have internet connection. They did, but only for themselves on their phones. So yeah, I was a bit anti-social to be virtual-social. How screwed up is that? Oh well… that’s the world we are living in.

The next day I made up for it and spent almost the whole day with Cornel. The only exception was when, for 2 hours, I went to a labyrinth theater play. I don’t even know how to translate this, I hope it makes sense in English. The thing is that in their play you enter into an abandoned house and there are various characters you interact with. They tell you stuff and ask you things. And at one point you are blindfolded and moved around through the house and stuff. It was such an amazing experience! I swear!
I wasn’t afraid or something. But the things they were saying and asking me made me have some “aha moments” and for that I am very thankful!

When the play was over I went back to Cornel’s place where his brother, he and I had a few glasses of wine over some amazingly interesting conversations. The thing is that this guys is just like an encyclopedia and it’s so fun and interesting to talk with him. I felt like I was learning new stuff every minute, while drinking awesome home-made wine. How much win is that? :)

When the wine was over some people from the theater play asked me to go out and so I did. I crossed the city quite fast, cos it was really cold at midnight, and went with them to a pub and got a drink. They were fun people and curious about my lifestyle and stories.

Next day was a lazy Sunday and I spent it drinking coffee, eating and reading an amazing book which I recommend it to you because is hilarious and for me eye-opening.
In the evening I went out with my hosts in Friend’s Pub for a few drinks and we had such an amazing time. We started talking about crazy stuff, about funny stories and what-not. They cleared my vision about some interesting stuff that are happening in my life right now and I was really happy they did that. I consider myself quite lucky for meeting them and spending time with them. Besides the fact that they are awesome hosts they were also great teachers for me.

Next day I packed my stuff and left for my hometown. It was a Monday so I knew hitchhiking won’t be difficult.

I felt so at home in Sibiu and I oriented myself so easily like I knew the place since forever. It was very interesting.

I am so glad I met so many awesome people there and I was fascinated by some of them. I created some good and nice connections with very special people and I can’t wait to go back there soon.