My 5th stop during my trip was a total blitzkrieg. I stayed in Brașov only one full day, that’s why I say it was a blitzkrieg.

I left Bucharest not that early, but early enough to know I have enough daylight to catch a ride safely. Before I left I met with a friend at the metro where she waited for me to say goodbye and she also gave me some doughnuts and other food for the trip. It was very sweet of her to give me a pack for the road and I felt very nice because of that.

From there on I took a bus to a place from where I had to walk for 20 minutes in order to get to the good hitchhiking spot. Yes, Bucharest is big!

After I waited there for 10 or 20 minutes I got picked up by a van with 2 people in it: the driver and a female passenger. They were both young and very fun.
We talked a lot during the whole trip and I found out that the driver is a very crazy guy(in a good way), because at one point during his lifetime he and a friend of his decided to go traveling to Denmark by bikes. The fun part is that after a short while their bikes broke and they decided to leave them behind and just hitchhike. He told me a lot of funny stories from his trips and we kinda connected thanks to our trips.
The female passenger, Denisa, was very talkative and I found out from her that she is a singer and also I found out that she was heading to Italy. We talked a lot about dreams and future. About what’s worth to do in life and other interesting subjects. She even gave me a pair of ray ban sunglasses as a gift. She was keeping them for a long while with her in her purse and she gave them to me. Unfortunately they are too big for my head, but I appreciated her gesture. It was a very, very interesting ride.

photo by Andreea Lupașcu

Me, Kaya, and Lexie

When I got to Brașov, I went to my host where I met her and her lovely dog Kaya. Both of them were super fun and very welcoming. Kaya was extremely sociable and because I love dogs and because she is a mix between a husky and malamute we had a lot of fun. I loved to wrestle with her and to just play like to morons.

Next day I met with my lovely friend and photographer, Andreea, and we had a nice walk and photo shooting. The fact that Lexi and Kaya were with us made the whole thing more fun and interesting.
Andreea managed to catch some nice shots of us and we walked through the city of Brașov while it was covered in snow and looked like it was from a fairytale.

Me with my awesome friend and photographer

When we finished our photo shooting, we went for a coffee in a very nice and special place, Shake coffee, where you can get special coffee blends from different countries at a very low price.

From there on we went to her place to have lunch and then we had to run to Ceai et caetera, where I had my event about how to travel without money.

The people who came to the event were curious and full of questions. I loved my interaction with them and I was so happy to answer all their questions. They really wanted to know how all of this was possible and everything regarding risks and all the dangerous situations that I was part of(I wasn’t!).

After I finished talking some people refused to leave and they kept asking me questions and we started talking and talking. At one point we grouped several tables together and sat all of us together and started talking.
One of the guys there was Adrian Bighei, a caricaturist, who started drawing us. I was super excited to get my first caricature and I was very impressed by it. It looks hilarious!

This is totally me!

After a while, because it was getting late, we had to move to another bar and the fun continued. In the next bar we were next to a group of Portuguese people who were celebrating someone’s birthday, and of course we started singing happy birthday in Romanian to the person who was celebrating.

As the night went on, one of the guys who was at my table put a big bag on the table and told me to pick one hat from the bag. Flavius told me that his grandmother is knitting various hats and he is selling them.
I picked one specially made for dreadlock, which also has the Jamaican flag in its colors.

Me and Flavius wearing our awesome hats

The next day, after I woke up and had another wrestle session with Kaya, I had to pack my stuff and leave for Sibiu.

As I told you, my stay in Brașov was not too long, but long enough to have enouth fun, a photo shooting, and long enough to make plenty of new friendships.

I really wish to go there some other time and stay for at least 5 days or so, so I can really have enough time to visit the whole place and the surrowndings.

Thank you very much Brașov for having me there! I cannot wait to see you again!