My trip from Fălticeni to Iași went really smooth! I had to wait only 10 minutes and the first car that stopped for me was ok with the fact that i don’t have money to pay for the ride(if you are not Romanian, you will understand this in a future post about hitchhiking in Romania).

On our way the driver picked up another guy who was a student and thanks to him the talking started. Till we picked him up, we didn’t talk at all. Luckily that went on only for 10-20 minutes so it wasn’t that bad.
Thanks to him the debate and sharing started. The usual: what do you do? Where are you from? How come that you don’t have money? You know,the usual questions. The only thing that was unusual were my answers, hahaha.
They were really caught off-guard but they were very curious about my story and how I managed to travel like this. How did I survive? How come? HOW?!
I really liked the fact that the driver and the other guy were curious and intrigued. The discussion than transformed itself into talking about life, following you dreams and passions, doing what you want, taking the responsibility of your actions and making your own decisions.

Besides the talk the whole trip made me feel very happy and pleased, because I was in moldova for the first time in my life and I loved watching the scenery. Watching the old houses that look exactly as described in novels. Looking at the monasteries and noticing how the people in the car are making the cross symbol as we passed next to churches.
It was even more interesting for me the fact that the student told me that he believes in the universe, energy and stuff like that but he was still practicing some rituals from the church.

The driver was so nice that he first drove the student to his dorm, right next to the entrance(!), and than he drove me back to the center of Iași next to the hotel where I stayed.

My room at Unirea Hotel&Spa Iași


In Iași I had the honor to stay at Unirea Hotel&Spa Iași.
As soon as I arrived I was greeted by the nice receptionist who checked me in even though I arrived there earlier than the check-in time.
My room was at the 5th floor and it had a magnificent view over Unirii Square. Honestly when I went into my room I was in awe! I couldn’t believe my eyes I was there. The room was spotless. I felt like a king! Hahah! I had a huge bed for myself, big windows through which I could see the city, big tv, a nice desk to work at, a small coffee table with 2 very comfortable chairs next to it, the bathroom was amazing. Everything was superb!

The amazing view from my room

Did I mention the fact that at the 13th floor they have a panoramic restaurant? Oh yeah! If you want your jaw to drop on the floor you have to go there, especially in the nigt! My god! The view is stunning!!!
The staff is really well trained and you can see that they are professionals. Besides my early check-in, I remember one day when I went to have breakfast 5 minutes before the scheduled time and they were super professionals and didn’t mind it at all. Although I was feeling bad for that, they were acting like it’s the right time to come and eat, 5 minutes before the ending time…. Really now? :)

After my first night there, the next day I had an interview at a radio, ImpactFM. The partners from Iași of the radio in Suceava asked me to go to their morning show. I cannot tell you how flattered I was by the invitation and how enthusiastically I accepted it!!!

At the show I met 2 amazing people who couldn’t stop from complimenting me and from telling me how great and crazy and amazing I am, ON AIR! I was blushing and almost stuttering. They were really excited about my future project and they were promoting my website and facebook page every 2 minutes. It was such a lovely experience and so fun to be part of. My god!!

After that I met with 2 guys that I didn’t know before. The power of facebook was strong this time too. Again, like in Fălticeni, I posted a message on fb asking who can guide me through Iași, being my first time there, and someone from the other corner of Romania put me in contact with them. How awesome is that?

Except for the fact that I was delaying the meeting and I was late about one hour to our meeting, everything was fine. They took some photos of me which look very nice and we talked about hundreds of topics, but the main one managed to be “sex”. Hahahha! I spent several hours with them, going through the city and having coffees.

After that I met with one of my friends from Hunedoara(my hometown) who is studying in Iași for 7 years. She was really nice and cooked for me and then she took me to see what I thought it would be a theater play. It was, in fact, an improvisation session which was hilarious. I was laughing my lungs out and I had a lot of fun. One of the guys was her boyfriend and after the show we had some drinks and we were all talking about theater, audience, bouncing their energy back, travel and life in general. I discovered another group of amazing people who thought me great lessons and made me think and re-analyze my life one again.

Next day was the big day! The day of the event, which made me very excited and a bit nervous, but that state of nervousness that is healthy and keeps you active. I love that state!!!
After I had my breakfast I asked someone from the reception to show me the conference room where I will have the event in order to feel the room and get used to it. It was a lovely room and fancy.
I was about to have a talk in a hotel’s conference room, which was ready to accommodate 60 people! On facebook there were “attending” 140, but I know how event attending works on facebook.

After I saw the room and made sure that there are extra chairs around I met again with my friend, Bristena, who fed me once again. I had a late lunch with her and one of her friends where we had interesting conversations. Our debates became very energetic and we were quite pumped up, but it was just for fun. Thanks to them I had a glimpse into my new me. I realized how much I managed to change and how very different my mentality is. I really loved the fact that we were arguing and sharing our thoughts, without judging the other, because I like to hear different opinions.

Honestly, I didn’t know I am THAT different! But I don’t have any problem with it :)

In the evening, at the event there were around 70, or even more people! I was so surprised and happy to see that there were so many people interested about this topic!!! I loved to see such a big audience!

My awesome audience in Iași

When we started the questions part I was took by surprise! After the events I had I was somehow prepared for the same questions which I was asked before. I already had an idea what questions will come and I kinda knew what everyone asks. Well…. not in Iași, my friends! Hahah!
I did received some of the usual questions but at one point the big guns were out and I had to literally brace myself and to stop and actively think the answer. I LOVED this part! I was telling them that they took me by surprise, but that is a good thing. They pushed me out of my comfort zone and it was amazing.
If you are wondering, some of those big-guns questions were: “why did you decide to do this-to share all this information with everyone, for free?”, “what revelations did you have?”, “what’s beautiful/the beautiful part in everyone”?
My god! These are really good questions, you know?

After the event I ran out of business cards and had to give everything I had, even those few ones that I had in my wallet. I didn’t expect to run out of 100 after 4 events, but it seems I did, hahah.

When I finished talking some people came to me to congratulate me. I was blushing there and didn’t really know how to react besides thanking them and shaking their hand or hugging them.
The first person who came to me after the event was a girl, Violeta, who introduced herself and asked me for dinner. WHAAAT?! Yup! That was my reaction. That was the first time when I was asked for dinner, and by a woman. I was took by surprise but of course I accepted the invitation. She told me that she will wait for me to finish talking with the rest of the people and after that we go up to the restaurant I was talking before.

The rest of the people almost made a line waiting to talk to me after the event and I didn’t know what was happening, hahah! Everyone wanted to tell me how inspiring I am and how crazy I am. I was so flattered that I didn’t even know what to say or do!

Another person who talked with me was a guy, Grafo, who is a designer and told me that he want to help me with whatever designs or graphics I need help with. Just like that! He told me that he wanted to tell me that online but he also wanted to tell me face to face. OMG!!! I kept in contact with him and I have a big idea that we might work on, but more details after I talk with him and see what we can do, hehehehe!

The dinner at the 13th floor at the panoramic restaurant was strangely interesting. Violeta talked about so many things that I had in my head and never told anyone that she almost freaked me out. Really! The whole dinner was great and the talking was extremely revealing. There were so many synchronicities and weird connections. I even experienced a bit of telepathy. At one point I was just starring blank at some chairs due to the magnitude of the insights I was having.

I had, once again, my mind opened and stretch so far that I was in shock!

This is one of the main reasons why I LOVE to travel. It’s because of the people I meet and because of the stories I hear and because of the discussions we have, which open my mind and put a mirror in front of me.

The day after the event I woke up to and started my day by reading several thank you messages from various people! People who came to my event or even from people who never met me!
Messages telling me how much I inspired them and how I am a role model for them. Telling me how much they appreciate me for what I do and for what I am!

That’s quite a way to start your day! Who needs a coffee after something like this? :)

I really loved my stay in Iași and although it was my fisrt time there it will definitely not be my last.