So this is my first post for this year.

First I will introduce you to my recent life, which was like a washing machine set up on spin cycle.

After I finished my EVS in Slovenia, I came back to Romania to spend my holidays with my parents and to wait for the spring to come in order for me to start traveling again.

All good(-ish) till I came back to Romania. The trip back from Slovenia to Romania will be another post :)

So I met my friends and started to act and play the theatre play once again. Everything was awesome and everyone wanted to hear my stories.
Because of this and because I am planning a new social charitable travel project I suggested to one big library in Timișoara to have an event there about alternative traveling. They were OK with the idea and we organized the event. They created the graphics for the poster and I started promoting it.

That’s when “the hell broke loose”!

Suddenly journalists from online media and from TV stations wanted to talk to me and to write about me and my travels. I was swept off my feet and shocked by all the attention I was receiving! I didn’t mind it at all, of course, but I didn’t expect this to happen.

After I posted the poster of the event in Timișoara on Facebook, people from all over the country told me to go to their cities to have the same event there too. I was already planning to travel through the country and jokingly I accepted the peoples’ invitation and mixed my desire to travel with the event and decided to make “The tour

Suddenly I am touring, hahaha! I cannot even believe it but I am enjoying every second of it. I managed to make partnerships with hostels, pensions and even hotels throughout the country where I will be hosted using barter and where I will have the event.

So on the 26th of January I started The tour with the first destination being Cluj-Napoca. I was there a few times before in my life, but all the times I was crashing to a friend’s place.

The Spot Cosy Hostel – Livingroom

This time I was lucky enough to be hosted by the amazing guys at The Spot Cosy Hostel. I say lucky not because they hosted me but because I had the chance to meet 3 awesome hostel owners with whom I had very pleasant conversations and fun times. Their hostel is a baby hostel, being open since the end of November but they already have the spirit, and that’s all that it matters.

There you can sit and get lost in the details of the wooden walls’ chill area. Imagine a whole wooden wall in the living room that is hand painted. The whole wall took 13 days to be finished and is was worth it. You can literally spend hours looking at the drawing’s details and find small cute details.
You can really feel the house’s personality. It’s a mixture of all the people’s personalities who worked on the rebuilding and reconditioning of the house. You can almost see their fingerprints on all the old reconditioned furniture. It’s like an energetic fingerprint, or like a scent.
You really feel like home when you get here and you have slippers at your disposal, where the owner is your friend, not just an owner and the walls have stories to tell.

This Spot is really a cosy hostel!

While I was in Cluj I met new people who added me on facebook in order to ask me to have lunch or dinner with them. I wasn’t too shocked by this because it happened to me before. I was only pleasantly surprised by the fact that people are doing this here too.

Before the event

The event that I had in La Cizmarie was organized by a very cool organization, Incubator 107, which is a group of people who are volunteering in order to organize various alternative workshops for people. The Incubator107 is a remarkable initiative in the big cities of Romania and I am very happy that they helped me.
There were around 50 people present at the event and they were quite curious and most importantly they had notebooks with them to write all the tips that I gave them! NOTEBOOKS!!!
The feedback was very good and people seemed satisfied with the information provided and some of them asked me question after the event for 2 more hours.

While I was in Cluj I had an extremely busy life and my mind exploded in million pieces. I learned hundreds of lessons in only 5 days from all the interactions I had. I don’t exaggerate a bit!

I really had the time and the chance to see myself in some mirrors which showed me my own self. I managed to look into myself once again and to make some big, big adjustments in my life and personality and for this I am forever grateful to all the people that crossed my path in Cluj.

I really hope everyone will start following his/her dream and start living the life they want.

We all deserve happiness, but we have to be ready to fight and work for it!

See you!