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The tour: 4th stop – București

eu la dobro show

After my amazing time in Iași, my tour continued with my next destination: Bucharest.  Being so full of positive energy from the messages I received that morning, I walked to the hitchhiking spot in...


The Tour: 1st stop – Cluj-Napoca


So this is my first post for this year. First I will introduce you to my recent life, which was like a washing machine set up on spin cycle. After I finished my EVS...


The beauty of randomness

Oh, this weekend was so crazy that I don’t even know where to start from, hahaha. Ok. So, my facebook friend from Taiwan arrived on Friday to my place. She hitchhiked for a week...


A spontaneous day off

Today I took a day off, because of the bad weather. Basically Alan told me that if I want I could take the day off and maybe visit Villány. So I took a spontaneous...


D-day is today!

Today I will start my journey, at 6AM. And here I am, with less than 3 hours remaining to sleep, writing this post My last week was a blast! I had so much fun,...


Why am I doing this?!

I don’t really think that a person should have a reason to do whatever he/she likes to do, especially when that particular thing is a dream of his/hers. I decided to go on this...


About me

photo by Andreea Lupașcu

Hey there!    Myself I’m Bogdan, 24 years old, and still counting. I am a man of many passions and hobbies. Lots of them are still out there waiting for me to discover them....