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You don’t want to travel! (part 2)

Traveling is a fun way to know yourself and the world around you. By traveling you experience a lot of things that you might not experience while you’re at home. When you start having...


The tour: 6th stop – Sibiu

photo by Cornel Moșneag

So after my blitzkrieg stop in Brașov I headed up to Sibiu. I woke up and had another wrestle match with Kaya and after that was all over I filled my bottle with water(it’s...


The tour: 5th stop – Brasov

My 5th stop during my trip was a total blitzkrieg. I stayed in Brașov only one full day, that’s why I say it was a blitzkrieg. I left Bucharest not that early, but early...


The tour: 4th stop – București

eu la dobro show

After my amazing time in Iași, my tour continued with my next destination: Bucharest.  Being so full of positive energy from the messages I received that morning, I walked to the hitchhiking spot in...


The tour: 3rd stop – Iași


My trip from Fălticeni to Iași went really smooth! I had to wait only 10 minutes and the first car that stopped for me was ok with the fact that i don’t have money...


The Tour: 1st stop – Cluj-Napoca


So this is my first post for this year. First I will introduce you to my recent life, which was like a washing machine set up on spin cycle. After I finished my EVS...