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Melting in Brno

Brno cityscape

Last weekend I decided to go out. I wanted to see a bigger city from the Czech Republic and because Brno is only 50km away I went there. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to organize...


The Tour: 1st stop – Cluj-Napoca


So this is my first post for this year. First I will introduce you to my recent life, which was like a washing machine set up on spin cycle. After I finished my EVS...


My weekend in Pécs

As I previously told you, I spent my free weekend in Pécs. I had an amazing time there. But let me start from the beginning. For starters I only had to wait for a...


New things

Although it hasn’t even past a week since I am here, in Kiskassa, I feel like a whole month has passed already. I don’t even know what to start with… Here, at Alan and...