I’ll try to write a short article about my stay, so far, in Paris.

After I met Cristina on Wednesday, and a lot of long hugs(did I tell you that she’s the first one to inspire me to travel?) we went home to leave my backpack, eat and then explore the city.

She lives in a great squat. It’s a former hotel and it looks incredible, everything is nice, clean and cozy. Yep, it’s my first time in a squat! The people there are very nice and they are like a family: crazy and lovable.

After we had breakfast and lunch we went through the city. We went to a lot of places and I was lucky because the weather was nice until evening. I saw the panoramic view of Paris, from the top of Pompidou and the permanent galleries inside.

On Thursday we walked on the site of The Seine and I saw that bridge that is full of locks with people’s names on it. They  “lock” their love in Paris, oh how sweet! Yeah, right! What a cliché and what a good opportunity to sell locks.

After that we went to see that big metal pole that’s famous for some reason :P and after I took some pictures there we had to go and pick up the kids. The kids being the children Cristina’s taking care of a few days per week. That was awesome! Really! We took them to the conservatory where the girl had some ballet lessons(I think) and while we waited for her we took care of the small boy, who was crazy!!! Hahaha! We drew and had a lot of fun, and of course we made a lot of noise.

When we finished that we had to go to a juggling event but someone lost her poi’s and we canceled. But another plan came right after. Cristina’s squat-mates were working at a project to make short videos for Velntine’s day. The idea was that the people in the videos were declaring their love to the public services. So we had to shoot a video in a hospital. So we wondered from hospital to hospital for at least 3 hours, in the night, to shoot that. No one allowed us so eventually we stopped looking for a place to record.

Luckily with all that hassle and moving, after we abandoned the filming, we were close to Notre Dame! It was very nice in the night and with the moon shining on it. When I finished my photo session with the cathedral, we wondered some more through the city and we got to some nice streets.

Friday was great!!!

Me and Cristina went to her University so she could talk with a professor. We ended up staying at a course. Oh, by the way: it was art school! So for 2 hours or so I listened to a nice guy talking about something in French that I understood only half of it. Right before the end of the course we did an experiment and we had to draw with our eyes closed. OH, MY, GOD! I loved that! I did 2 drawings and at the second one I was already more relaxed and I had more fun. The result was… interesting! :)

After the course we went to Montmartre, which is on a big hill in Paris and you can see the whole city from there. At that place we did some free hugs and it was very, very fun. People were open to it and were enjoying it.

When we finished that, Cristina went to work and I went home. But the day wasn’t yet over!

In the evening we went to a theatre which they plan to close, but it’s a historical place, to juggle and see what’s there. The place was packed with people. They are trying to keep it crowded and lively to prove that culture brings people together and there’s no need to demolish it(you can sign the petition here). After a few hours there we went to a bar where they had reggae and we danced and enjoyed ourselves for another hour or so.

So far my time in Paris was extraordinary and I thank my good friend, Cristina, for that!

Take care and see you soon!


I’ll post photos from Paris when I’ll get to Slovenia because the internet is not that stable here :)