Although it hasn’t even past a week since I am here, in Kiskassa, I feel like a whole month has passed already.

I don’t even know what to start with… Here, at Alan and Eve’s hostel, I feel like home. The atmosphere is very friendly and chill. Alan is an from UK and I think that Eve spent a lot of time there because she has a british accent too. I can say that I love more and more the british accent, and not only that. Alan’s sense of humor is amazing. He’s extremely funny, if you get it. He’s ironic, dead serious(but actually joking) and has a young soul. He plays his guitar every morning and every time we take a break which is lovely. We talk about anything and he respects others opinion even if he’s against it.

Even if they stay in a fairly small village, they have very nice conditions here. They are pretty hi-tech and in touch with technology :) And yes, they really are hippies, as they described themselves in the emails. They are full of life and funny as a couple, even if they are not that young.

Oh, they have a goal for me: to get me fat! :) Or at least to have me weight more than I weighted when I came at their place.

This period of time was filled with first timers for me. For example, here was the first time when I had porridge, and although I was reluctant at first, it was delicious. We’re having it every breakfast and I enjoy every piece of it.

Another first time was the milking. Yes, I have milked the goat and I am doing it every time Alan has another things to do. Before doing it, I thought milking is hard and that it needs a lot of strength, but that’s not true at all.

Here I got in contact with compost for real, for the very first time. I knew a few things about composting before but they are doing it and I saw the whole process and learned a lot from doing it and from the explanations Alan gave to me.

Another thing that I did for the first time was to sit with their 3 goats. I know it sounds funny but it was really nice. It wasn’t rocket science, as you can imagine. I had to take them out, tie them to some trees and sit there for an hour. That was good for me , because I got time to sit and see the beautiful surroundings.

I had a chance to taste, again for the first time, buckwheat. Eve boiled it, to eat it instead of pasta and also made bread from half buckwheat, half flour. Both were delicious.

Since I am here I think I had like 20L of tea. I am not joking. I had less than a cup of water since I arrived! :) I don’t even know how water tastes… They drink A LOT of tea. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind it at all, but I am not used to it.

Since I’ve been here I’ve done a lot of stuff, like repairing electrical fences, digging up stuff, turning the compost, giving the animals food and all the stuff you have to do when you have a small farm. It’s not that hard but I wasn’t used to so much exercising at first and had to get used. After a few days I am more and more used to it and I am feeling really good. I don’t regret my decision to go at all!

I feel very good about this project and I hope to do it for a really loooong time! :D

Although we have a lot of work to do, we are never in a hurry and never stressed about anything. I like this a lot, because this way I can also learn stuff. My hands are very dry and have a lot of scratches. Hahaha! They never looked like this, but I am very happy when I see them. It’s a very interesting feeling :)

Today I will have my first ‘vacation’. I will go for the weekend to Pécs as I have it free. Well, Alan agreed to let me hitchhike right after lunch, in order to get there on daylight. I tried to go to Pécs with couchsurfing, but unfortunately I got only declines because they have holiday as the Easter approaches. Although I got declines, I asked for recommendations and someone told me about a hostel and told me to try and go there. She gave me the email address of one of the owners. I sent her an email in which I told about my project and about my wish to come to her city. She offered to host me in the hostel for free, in exchange for some hours of work. I was extremely happy to see that my visit in Pécs will be in the same manner as my trip so far! I already made some plans there so I am eager to see how those will come out.

I have some photos of the place where I am. You can go to my Facebook gallery in order to see them.