As I previously told you, I spent my free weekend in Pécs. I had an amazing time there. But let me start from the beginning.

For starters I only had to wait for a ride for 5-6 minutes. I was very lucky, because there was almost no traffic and a terrible wind that day. The guy who took me, was around 40-50 years old but he knew English pretty well. We talked the whole ride and he let me very close to the city’s center.

I looked on the map that I took from my hosts to know where I am and where I have to get. After I got those two points in my head I started to walk into that unknown city and to look at every building, brick from the street and person on the street. The feeling of walking in a completely unknown city is amazing!!!

When I got to Ananas Hostel, a very nice and smiling guy greeted me. He is Csaba, the owner of the hostel. He showed me that cozy and home-like hostel and after that we sat for a talk over a coffee. He told me what jobs he has for me and he kept telling me that I don’t have to do them. He told me that I have to work as much as I can and only when I want. On Friday we dug up the bricks form his terrace because he wanted to make it even.

Before we started working, I went for a short walk in the center to take some pictures and to see it more clearly.

We started working only after we drank a shot of palinka. That helped, I guess, by making our blood circulate faster. After half an hour we went to see his basement(future pub) and to grab some beers. We kept on working until 9PM and then we went eating. The eating was fun. It was fun because I ate a very spicy, traditional Hungarian dish, and I don’t eat spicy at all… Csaba laughed at me and helped me finish it because for me it was too much spiciness.

Oh, I forgot to tell that we left the hostel on bikes! It was so great to bike, in the night, in a new place, following a crazy guy. I was so happy while I was trying to keep up with Csaba on my bike… that feeling is impossible to describe into words. It’s that amazing.

After we ate we went to meet some of his guests into a pub. There were 2 American guys and a Hungarian girl. We had lots of fun and we talked for hours and laughed a lot. From there we went into another bar and then to a reggae party. The party had a fee, but Csaba told the guy from the entrance about my project and he agreed to let me get in for free!!! How amazing is that?! :O The party was inside a wine cellar and it was pretty nice.

On Saturday, I’ve done another awesome thing. I climbed on the Europe’s tallest inhabited building. A couchsurfer, Erik, told me that he could show me that building and helped me to get on top of it. Although it was already a bit dark when we got there, the view was stunning. The 25 floors that I had to climb were worth all the effort. The inside of the building, on the other side, was like a horror movie set.

Sunday was a chilling day with lots of coffee and talks with Csaba and his fiancée, Marionn, and the other guests from the hostel that I met over the weekend.

Although Csaba and Marionn offered me, at first, only the accommodation for free, they were extremely nice and fed me every time they ate or cooked. Csaba even bought me that traditional Hungarian dish. They were amazing and very friendly. I felt like friend of them, not like a guest or stranger. :)

And to top all that hospitality they also took me back to the village where I am staying. They wanted to visit the hostel as well and to get out. They were lovely people and great hosts.

You can go to my Facebook gallery in order to see the pictures that I took.


PS: a small video of me from Pécs on Friday :)