Oh… medica…

Medica[mediːtsə] is a traditional(I think) alcoholic, Croatian drink, or at least first time when I had it was in Croatia.

From what I was told and from what I remember its main components are: rakja and honey. Rakja is a strong, usually home-made, strong drink. A moonshine/vodka kind of a drink. Well this rakja is mixed with honey and that’s it. I didn’t see the process of making it, but I surely was a part of the process of drinking it :)

We drank it in shots. I don’t know if people drink it as a long drink(!). Although you might think it’s not that good because of the honey, I will disagree. The honey helps your throat cope with the alcohol of the rakja(sometimes it could be strong). I really liked this drink and I would definitely recommend a few shots of it.