As you might already know, last weekend I went to Krško for a party.

The plan was quite simple: get there by hitchhike, have fun, dance, drink, enjoy the other EVS volunteers and come back home. Luckily for me, during the “dance, drink, enjoy the other EVS volunteers” part, I managed to learn some life lessons.

The trip to Krško was quite fast. Me and Francesco(my flatmate) got rides in approx. 15 minutes of waiting, which is very good for our area and especially for the weekend. The girls who invited all of us were a bit overwhelmed by us because 12 of us came, from all over Slovenia. Probably they didn’t expect so many but no one cared and we found solutions for sleeping and everything.

After a small tour of the city we started our aperitif(white wine) and chips and after a while we changed our location to the MC(the youth center), where the party was going to be. There, some of us started to cook food while the others waited for their pizzas and bureks. As you know, at these gatherings there is a lot of fun, laughter, talking and wine involved. We were not an exception and had every of those.

After we got our bellies full of food we went downstairs for the concert(which, by the way, none of us knew what genre of music is or any details like that, hahaha).
After a short negotiation with the bouncer we managed to pay 15€ for 4 people, instead of 5€ each!! Hell yeah! :)

Inside we discovered that it was and electronic(something) music, but live. There were 2 guys with drums facing each other, one bass player and 2 other guys with organs, synthesizers and laptops to mix everything. The music was awesome!
I started dancing from the first moment and didn’t stop for the next 5 hours. No, I am not joking. Our whole group was in front of the stage and we were the most active. We were enjoying the party and didn’t care about anything else.

That’s what I did as well. I danced like nobody was looking, literally! I was feeling the music and I was letting it go through my body and move me. I was alive!

You know that guy who’s in front of the stage at a concert and dances all the time? That guy who never stops? The guy who leaves the last, when the band is packing their stuff? That guy who is (probably) on X? Well I was that guy! Except for the X.
It was fantastic. Of course I got blisters on my feet again, but who cares? I had the best time!

And probably now you’re wondering why was I bragging about all this, right? Well now I’m getting to the life lesson part.

After the concert ended and we took a small break(after party with other DJ’s was starting) we went out for a fresh breath of air. And while we were there talking and stuff, some of the girls from our group asked me where did I learn to dance like that and they were complimenting my moves. For me that was surprising and very flattering. That’s because I never tried anything and I don’t have “moves” when I dance. As I already said, I just listen to the music, feel it and let it guide my body.

After we talked about this I realized that that’s how everything in life should be: “dance like nobody’s watching!”. I wasn’t trying to impress anyone and I was just enjoying the moment. I was myself without any prejudices and complexes. I was!

I really think I learned something very valuable from that night and I really want to thank all of you guys who made that night possible and the girls who started that conversation about dancing with me!


Take care and see you soon!

PS: the article about how you can travel for free, or almost free, is coming! please have a bit of patience, I am still doing research for it so it will be filled with lots of info ;)