When you start traveling you will, most likely, meet a lot of people. You will meet other travelers, travel enthusiasts, people who admire what you do and so on.

While you’ll be meeting tons of people you will slowly start hearing about other crazy people, like you, who travel in a more-or-less unusual way. Some of those people you’ll might meet in person, but most of them you will just follow online and make a connection.

This is how you will become tangled in this network of crazy-ass dudes and dudettes who kinda’ do the same thing as you.

You’ll discover more and more of them and you’ll want to meet all of them. You’ll see that you’re not the only one and that this world might still have a chance.

That’s how I met this chick, through other people. I follow her for a while and she’s awesome.

Here’s the interview I had with her!

Skinny chick travelling


Tell us your name and “occupation”, skinny chick travelling.

My name is Pamela – not  Anderson and no I wasn’t named after her.

When was the first time when you hitchhiked, and why did you do it?
Well my first hitchhiking experience was actually in my hometown Metković, when I was about 14 years old. The town isn’t directly at the seaside, so that’s how we would go to beach about 30 min away. But let’s say my bigger hitchhiking trip outside of Croatian borders was back in 2010. It was a hitchhiking race from Zagreb to Istanbul with 15 people.

Why I did it? Reason was pretty simple – I was planning to visit a friend in London with 150€ budget for 3 – 4 days, but then I saw this hitchhiking trip where the planned budget was 150€ for 3 weeks. The rest is history :D

What were you doing before you started roaming around the world?

I was being up all night fighting my demons, trying to be a student, working many different jobs and daydreaming about life I wanted to lead and changing the world.

Today, not a lot of things has changed – I’m still being up all night fighting my demons and daydreaming a lot – but now about different things and how to actually be the change I want to see in the world (hopefully that will start changing the world, one step at the time).

For how long have you been traveling by hitchhiking?

I just have to say that not always I travel by hitchhiking but surely it is my favorite way of travelling. After the mentioned trip in 2010, I’ve been doing it ever since, more regularly than before.

What was the most exotic place you’ve seen, according to you?

Maybe Nepal? Every place has something different to offer you, depending how open you are about receiving and filtering these experiences you go through. But Nepal, being my long term wish since forever, was definitely a place that triggered something in my mind. It was my first time travelling to such a different place, culture, food then I was used to. And even though, I read hundreds of articles and watched movies and shows about it over the years, nothing could have prepared me for that experience.

Everyone says that hitchhiking is not for girls. How hard did you find it to be?

Hitchhiking is hard and easy at the same time for everybody, depends on so many factors. Sometimes I would get a great ride in 5 min, sometimes I waited for 6 hours on 35°. But the main difference, as I always say, for women is – when a driver stops you always have to double question the reason he actually stopped.

Is it really as dangerous as people think it is?

Is it dangerous? Of course it is, but as much as the everyday life in your own city is. My positive experiences definitely outnumber those uncomfortable ones. Just in general, I believe, we humans need to start believing in the kindness of strangers again a bit more.

What was the sketchiest situation you’ve found yourself in, while traveling by hitchhiking(and how did you get out of it)?

Till now *knockonwood* I haven’t experienced something really terrible. Mostly it was about drivers trying to touch me, or I fall asleep and he’s sleeping next to me or smth like that. I get out of it by being crazy (works well :D ) and making him feel uncomfortable with the situation he got me into. Having a pepper spray usually helps too.

Do you think hitchhiking is very different for males than for females?

Oh definitely. I could talk about it for at least an hour how travelling in general is different for males and females. Men always say that it’s easier for us, we don’t wait for long etc. But when hitchhiking as a female, as I stated before, you always have to double question why the driver stopped, meaning, what are his intentions. For a man, if someone stops you know they stopped cause they want to help regardless how you look, in most cases. And they can have crazier stories to share as well – cause of the crazier drivers then I could get with in the car alone.

Did you ever hitchhiked a boat? If yes, can you tell us how it was?

I actually never did it, but have met people who did. Usually, the trick is to be around the port – so either you can meet people who own the boat or the skipper. Also it useful to have a skill so you can help around the boat, this goes especially for the transatlantic journeys. You can also check out these websites who are for that purpose, let’s say.



What are your future plans?

My only plan now is to find a job (or a volunteer base that accepts animals), so long term, I can save enough money to pay a dog sitter for my 2 babies so I can go travelling a bit again :D    

What would be your message for the readers?

TRAVEL – find whatever way is best for you and get out there, out of your comfort zone where magic happens. Have an open mind, have a big smile and become aware of the world around you.


PS: You can read her stories, in Croatian and English, here and follow her on facebook too!