Ok, I must admit, not entirely without money, but almost without any money at all.
After all we are social beings and we have some needs that can be fulfilled by using money but for a lot of our necessities don’t actually need to use money.

I know what you’re probably thinking right now: “oh yeah, barter”; “let’s exchange chickens for bread and stuff like that”; “let’s go back to the Neanderthal era.”

No! I don’t mean barter. Or we can call it barter, but a different type of barter.

First, if you want to think money-free you will have to change some stuff about you and your way of thinking.

You should get rid of the “me”-type of mindset.

Let me explain what I’m referring to.
I’ve been living in a few small communities. I lived in a squat and in some small towns where the communities were almost closed. For these communities to work, people start thinking more of a “we” rather than a “me”. They do stuff together. They help each other when they can, not because they expect something in return. But because they know that when they will need some help they will get it.

In these communities things, objects, favors are exchanged on a faster pace than in bigger communities. This thing happen because they are not so closed into their individual bubble. Neighbors talk to each other. People say hello to other people on the streets and so on.

So to get back to the changing of mindset. When you’re in an environment like this you start being less possessive and more sharing. People still care and cherish their stuff, but they are more willing to spread them around.
So when your mindset is focused on sharing and giving, you will need less and less money for various stuff. Clothes will be given away when they won’t fit. Tools will be borrowed and so on.

But for this to happen you have to think less about you.

For example regarding clothes: clothes were made for covering your body, keeping it warm and not so dirty. Right? So if don’t think about “you”, than you will buy whatever piece of jeans, for example, that will fulfill those requirements. But if you think about “you” than you will have to find the right pair of jeans which “will make you look fabulous” and draw the attention to you and your perfect body that you try to keep that way by not eating and exercising till exhaustion. – Pfew! It’s difficult even to read that last part.

By focusing only on you, you will start putting a lot of energy into the wrong stuff and get yourself alienated from the bigger picture.

Just imagine how much stuff you could do if you would stop giving so much shit about the insignificant stuff that you do right now.
Try to picture how little stuff you’ll be buying and consuming only to impress other people.

But as I said, if you want to have this kind of lifestyle you’ll have to do some major changes in your life and also surround yourself with people who think-alike.

This lifestyle is not easy and not so easy to achieve. But I saw it working, I experienced it so I know for sure that is possible.

What’s great about this era that we’re living into is the technology. All this technology that’s around us enable us to get connected in an instant. We can share now stuff and knowledge with people that are thousands of kilometers away. We can give advices to strangers. There’s this thing that I still can’t fully comprehend, which makes miracles. This thing called the interwebz where you can keep in touch with friends, talk to people who think-alike and even meet strangers. This thing we can use it to get us connected and to get us more at an “we” mindset, rather than a “me” mindset.

It’s all in our hands. It’s just a decision that each end every one of us has to take, if he/she wants it.

I just hope I’ll start seeing this change more often around me.