Here’s a very useful guide of how not to make friends when you’re in Slovenia.

It doesn’t matter if you have enough friends, you’re just a beginner in the social interaction environment or you’re just a plain antisocial, this guide will definitely help you to not make friends during your visit.

1. Never distinguishing between Slovakia and Slovenia

This is Slovenia’s flag, right?

Really! Isn’t it the same thing? Even their flags are very similar…

Anyway, don’t give yourself a hard time if you do this mistake. It’s not like you’re the first (or last) one who will do this. A lot of politicians do this and everything is ok! George Bush did it too and he’s still alive. Even the embassies of these countries have regular meetings to exchange mail that was sent in the wrong country.

So doing this while you’re in Slovenia will show that you know it’s not a problem to mix them and the people will like you!

2. Picking the ‘wrong’ best beer

Mineral water

Whenever you will go out for a beer, when you’ll order it you will get the same question: Union or Laško?

Pick one! You’re wrong!

Pick the other one! YOU’RE WRONG!!!

Yup… the thing with these people and the beer is that “the best beer” is extremely subjective and the right answer always depends on the people with whom you’re drinking.

As a hint, just take a look around you and at the tables and ask for whatever the people in the bar are having. That’s “the best” one!

It doesn’t matter that it has the same bitter, shitty, taste, they know the differences.

A real tasty beer that is local and Slovene is Vizir! This would be my choice, but then I will be wrong, again! Don’t repeat my mistakes, ask for the “best” one!

3. Tell them you know their language because you were in Croatia

I speak your language, I was in Croatia last year

They will not mind it at all!

It’s basically the same language, right? It sounds the same, they read as they write. They don’t use many vowels. It has to be the same language, right?

Tell them this and they will love you!

4. Give honest and direct criticism

Feedback done right

To be honest I haven’t learned this on my own, but some people around me suggested to include this one too.

So, when you’ll be in Slovakia, be sure to be super direct when you’ll want to give some criticism to someone. They are not wussies and they don’t need sugar coating when you are giving constructive feedback.

Be as sharp as a knife and deliver it in one single blow.

5. Refuse second serving from home-made food


Whenever you’ll visit a friend’s house (or even better), or you are invited for a lunch over your friend’s parents place, when you’re full just stop.

Don’t be that polite guy who stuffs his face with food even though you are bursting. They hate that!

As I said in the previous point: be direct and refuse it! They will appreciate you very much for your honesty and remember you forever.

6. Refuse home-made drinks

God’s nectar

Ok, let’s say you are visiting someone and you made the mistake of not refusing more food. It’s alright, they won’t be that mad. But if you are invited to drink their homemade wine, or rakija, or some-homemade-alcohol just refuse.

I already told you, they like you to be direct and speak your mind. Maybe they will insist, but it’s quite rude to take everything from these people. By accepting so many things you’ll just seem greedy and poorly raised.


I hope this guide will help you, no matter what your intentions are.

Let me know your opinions about this guide in your comments.

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All the best!