As you all probably know, last Friday I was invited to have a talk about hitchhiking in the Balkans in another city. Of course I hitchhiked my way to there and I’ve met some interesting people doing this.

I arrived there in the afternoon. Having enough time on our hands, me and Izabela decided to have a juggling performance after our presentation. Izabela is the girl who organized the whole event and she talked as well, about Boznia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia.
She was quite nervous as time passed by, because it was her first time talking about hitchhiking in front of a crowd.

The event went very smoothly and it was really interesting. Some of our friends from a neighboring town came over to hear and see us, which made me very happy. We had a few laughs and after a short time they had to go back, because they had to catch the train.

After the event I started talking with some people that were around, although there were around only 5 or 6 individuals, hahaha.
The topics varied very much. Firstly we started talking about music, rock music in particular, and how I was listening to a lot of it in my highschool years and how it reminded me about those times. The guy who was our translator for the event (oh yeah! we even had a translator :D ), Urban, started to tell us how rock music is monotone and not special. We were talking about various bands, some better some not so good, but he was against all. He is an interesting character. He was trying to provoke me constantly. It was a funny interaction. Almost all the things I was saying I like he was bashing them and explaining why they suck. It was interesting.

Continuing his provoking he ended up saying that “I don’t know what life is” ‘cos I am not wearing a suit and driving a fast car. Speechless!
Me and my friends, Izabela and Essi, both started contradicting him and telling him that life isn’t only about money, fast cars and status. I explained him that for me someone’s material possessions doesn’t make him/her more important or interesting. He kept saying that we don’t know what life really is and what taste it has(when you have money).

Honestly I was a bit disappointed to see someone so into money and defending materialism so much, like there’s nothing else in this world…. It’s sad from my point of view.


Next morning, while we were enjoying our coffee, seeing what a wonderful and warm day it is outside, we said “hey! let’s hitchhike to the coast and back”. The idea was so great that all 3 of us started dressing up and getting ready to go. In half of hour we had our small backpacks ready and we were heading to the hitchhiking spot.

We got to the coast relatively fast and easy. The last guy who picked us up drove us all the way to the last resort on the coast, Portoroche(Portorož).
As we were driving that way I was stunned by the sudden change. Everything was different from the Slovenia I know. The vegetation was completely different, the architecture of the buildings as well. Everything looked very Mediterranean (dduuhh!!) and I thought I’m in Lovran, Croatia.

We all walked to Piran where Iza decided to swim and sunbathe and me and Essi went walking.

Oh My God!!

Piran is totally worth visiting! I am not joking! It’s fantastic!

A glimpse to Piran

Piran is this old small town with extremely narrow and intricate streets that just invite you to get lost through them.
Me and Essi were exploring it for an hour with big grins on our faces. We even developed our “eye-language” used to ask each other if we should go on a street or not. My head was always moving and my mouth was all the time opened.
I really love that place!

These kind of streets <3

You can see more photos from Portorož and Piran here: Portorož and Piran, Slovenia – October 2014

Around 4 or 5 PM we decided to start hitchhiking back to the girls’ place. We were 130km away from their home.

As we set up hitchhiking in a spot we found, we noticed that the drivers weren’t really paying attention to us. In order to counteract this we pulled out “the big guns”! We asked Essi to hold the “LJ” sign and me and Iza started juggling. Iza was juggling with a clear contact ball and I was spinning pois. This worked great! :)
At one point we noticed a female driver who wasn’t paying attention to the road, but instead she was looking at Iza playing with the contact ball and she was saying “WOOOOW!” (we read her lips). It was hilarious!

After juggling for half an hour a nice couple picked us up, but only to Koper. Koper is the biggest city on the coast so we were ok with that.
On the way to Koper we had a lot of fun, because the girl who was a passenger was quite drunk and she was hilarious. She was playing music very loud and dancing. She also invited us to 3 different parties but I think her boyfriend, the driver, wasn’t too excited about that, so we refused.

Where they dropped us it wasn’t a good place so we looked for a gas station along the road and went there. We spent a few hours in the gas station without any luck. It was already dark and we didn’t know what to do.

Around 8PM we started walking towards the city’s center and on our way we saw what we thought it is a student dormitory. As we confidently walked towards it we realized it’s in fact a Fire Department.

Outside there were a few firemen smoking. We asked them if they spoke English and because they did we asked them if they know any hostels around. They said they will make some phone calls and after 15 minutes the chief came out and told us that the hostels they called are 50 euro/person!!! WHAT?!
Yeah! So they said they found a place which is 21 euro/person.

The chief told to the youngest guy to drive us there and on the way to show us the best place to hitchhike.
As we got to the what we though it will be a hostel, we discovered that it was a 2* or 3 * hotel. Because we were a bit hesitant regarding the hotel, the guy asked us if we need any help, before he left. We told him that everything is fine(even though we would’ve needed the fucking money for the hotel!).

We tried negotiating with the receptionist but he said he can’t do anything about it. He told us that the most he can do it’s 18,5 euro/person. He didn’t accept our suggestion of paying for only one bed and the other 2 of us sleeping on the floor. Hahaha!

Because the hotel was too expensive for us we decided to try our luck again at hitchhiking, even though it was quite late.
As we arrived to the place suggested by the firemen we got a ride in 2 minutes. I was so shocked when a car stopped that I said “no fucking way!” as I grabbed the backpack and ran to the car. The girls didn’t even realized what was happening. It was very funny!

The lady who picked us up just got off work and she was going only 30km on the highway. We accepted to go with her so we could stop to a gas station on the highway. On our way there we were talking to her about the ridiculous high price of the hostels in Koper and she gave us a phone number of a hostel close to the gas station where she was going to drop us off. We appreciated what she did for us but we didn’t think we will need the phone number.

In the gas station at 10, almost 11 PM we were hitchhiking. Imagine a guy with 2 girls asking for rides in the gas station.
One of the girls has shorts, sandals and a towel as jacket, the other one has shorts, but with leggings under, and a thin jacket on her and me…. dreadlocks and a beard! :D
Interesting combination, right?

Most people told us that they don’t go to Ljubljana. One guy who had an empty car said to Iza that he’s going to LJ but that he’s full. What the fuck? Just say no! Don’t make a fool of yourself!
A German guy was super cool. He told me that he’s going there but that he doesn’t want to pick anybody. Awesome!!! All the respect for that guy, really!

Eventually we had to call the hostel and the girl who owns it came and picked us up. The hostel looked really nice and neat. Clean, cozy and between hills. The owner was super kind with us, picking us up, offering us a nice welcome and offering us 3 nice warm beds! And the price was fair, just 12 euro/night. That’s what I call hostel price.
Next day we saw where we were, in the middle of nature. Just hills around. The place was quiet and still. Really magical.

After we had a coffee and something to eat, she drove us back to the gas station where we got a ride from a guy from New Zealand(!!!) after waiting for 1.5 hours.

From there everything went really smooth. We got at the girls’ place where I picked all my stuff and went hitchhiking back.

I had to go back home because it was already Sunday and on Monday I had to go to the youth center where I volunteer.

So that’s how our spontaneous “one day” trip to the coast ended up.

I loved the whole thing and it was fantastic to just wake up and decide to go somewhere while I was having my coffee.

This spontaneous trips boost my mood!

When was the last time you had a spontaneous trip and where did you go?