So, as you probably know already, I went to Brașov for a little while.

This time was a ”business trip”.
I went there because the people from ProAlpin became my first official sponsors!!!


So they offered me a new backpack. I had the opportunity to choose from any backpacks that they had in their store. I looked through all the options and I got to a shortlist of 2 Bergans of Norway.
One of them has a 70 liters capacity and the other one 80 liters.
My previous backpack was 75L so I had to test both of them to see witch one fits better my stuff.

Logically, the 80L would easily fit everything but I didn’t want to have a backpack that is too big so I won’t carry too many things with me. [we all know that if there is room left, we will fill it.]

So after I transferred my things into the smaller backpack, a 70L Glittertind, I was shocked by how much room there is still left inside.
I’ve put inside it my boots, my jacket, a pair of thick ski pants and there was still much place to fit more stuff.

The whole time while I was testing it, I was in awe! The way it was designed shocked me. At first ti looks so small and tiny that it can deceive you, but once you start putting stuff in you see how much space there is inside.

I learned now that it’s not the size that it matters, but how you fit it in! :)

This backpack that I now have, has a really cool system for the back. It’s called Spine system and it was awarded for it’s ingenuity.
Basically this system has the backpack anchored to your back only in one place, so your upper and lower back can move freely. It is designed exactly as a spine and works like one.
Right after I’ve put the backpack on my back I felt how it works and I started moving my ass and dancing to fully interact with it.

I will post some follow-up videos with the backpack after a few more trips, letting you know my impression about it and you’ll see how I use it to fully take advantage of it’s design.

I can only say that ProAlpin saved my life a lil bit cos my previous backpack was falling apart and this new partnership couldn’t come in a better time.

Go and check their offers! They have top quality stuff in their store and they are also very nice people who can give you lots useful information in this field.