Ok, so to clear things from the beginning: I was super lucky! :D

On Sunday I decided to hitchhike my way from the house in Croatia, Oraj, to Lovran for a last drink and a walk. As I was walking down the road and the first car was coming, I raised my hand to be picked. The car stopped. The two inside, Pamina and Josef, gave me a lift down the hill to Lovran. As we talked, while driving, I found out that they are from Austria and they are in Lovran only for the weekend. As we got close to Lovran, they invited me for a drink with them. As that was my purpose, I accepted happily.

Time passed by and drinks kept coming. They told me that if I need a ride on Monday, they will happily take me to Ljubljana. I was shocked and extremely happy when I heard that, and I accepted in a split of a second their invitation. I was constantly saying to myself: “I was only hitchhiking to get a beer and I got a ride to Ljubljana! Awesome! How lucky can I be?”

Because the last bus was leaving at 22:35, I had to leave early and I arranged with them that we’ll all meet at 13:30 in front of their hotel in Opatja, which is 7km away from Lovran.

Right before going to the bus, I went to tell a friend of mine, Ivan, that I will be tomorrow in Lovran the next day ’till 13 and we could hang out in the morning. As he was closing the bar where he is working, he told me to stay, because he wants to hang out with me in the evening and he also told me he would get a ride for me back to the house. Another luck for today!

As I hanged out with him and his friends, I had a great time and I also got a nice offer from another friend. He told me that I could stay in Lovran at his place for a while longer. He has, in the yard, a caravan, where I could stay as long as I want. Although the invitation was very tempting, I told him that I will go to Slovenia because I already told my answer to my hosts. He said that his offer is not only for now, but for the future too! Wow! So now I have a place to go back to Lovran and a roof over my head!!! I will definitely go pretty soon, when the weather is good.

So, the next morning, after a few hours of something called sleep I got to Lovran. I left my backpack to the hotel until I left and went out for a coffee with a friend of mine, Maja. She showed me another bar that I didn’t know which was very nice, on the seaside, very quiet and the atmosphere was relaxed. After a while, another friend of ours, Goran, joined us and he told me that he will drive me to the hotel where the Austrians were. These guys that I met in Lovran were amazing! They were super friendly and very nice to hang out with.

On our way to the hotel they were like a mother and a father, asking me all sort of questions about the Austrians. Hahaha!

After I met the guys, we drove safely to Ljubljana and they left me somewhere close to an entrance to the highway. Right before I settled for a spot, a man told me that the spot is not ok for hitchhiking in my direction and then he gave me some direction.  One hour later I was picked up by a very nice, bearded and long hair guy. I later found out his name, Neven. He was very nice to me and told me that he will drive me half of the way, on the old road, not the highway. I didn’t care too much and went with him. He was nice to buy me a bottle of water and he also drove more, only for me to get into a better spot! It seems that I attract nice and good people on my way! :D On our ride to the destination we talked about a lot of stuff and we exchanged Facebook contacts. He told me that he composes noise music and that soon he will have a concert. I told him that we’ll keep in touch and see what’s going to happen.

After switching 2 more cars, I was picked up by a girl. I wasn’t that surprised by this because I’ve been already picked up by women. I asked her if she picks up hitchhikers often and she said that I was the first one she picked up, ever, because she was afraid. While laughing I asked her how did she picked me up, while I have this beard. She looked at me and with a smile on her face told me that I gave her a nice feeling and she felt that it will be ok to pick me up. WOW! I considered that a big compliment for me, because I consider myself a positive and good person, and if a stranger gets that feeling from me only by looking into my eyes, it’s great! So I won’t shave, hahaha!

When she dropped me in another bus station, I was picked up by the car who was behind us! I told to myself: whaaat? When I asked the female driver if she’s going to Vransko and her answer was: “Maybe, are you Bogdan?” I went nuts!!! I’m not good at math, but I think the chances of that happening were almost equal to 0(zero)!!! I was very glad that I was picked up by her and by the fact that I didn’t had to find the far on my own.

At their farm I was greeted by her family, actually a part of it because they are husband and wife, 5 children and one grandpa :) There is another volunteer here, Lauren, from California. She’s a very hardworking girl and she never complains about anything. I really respect her for her strength and will. Although we didn’t had extremely hard jobs so far, she did everything without saying a thing.

After only 4 days of being here I left on my first trip. Neven, the guy who picked me up on Monday, invited me to his concert in Hrastnik, a place 30 km away from where I am. I accepted even if we didn’t really had a place for me to sleep while we talked on facebook. I knew that somehow everything will be ok and I will have a great time. And I was right. My host, Helen, actually drove me there and I didn’t had much trouble finding my friend. His friends knew me(already?!) and spent time with me until he finished.

Before his concert I visited an art gallery which was very interesting and very alternative. The installations, the pictures and sculptures really made me think and caught my attention. I realized that for enjoying art you don’t really need to know any languages, you just need eyes and a brain to think abut what it sees.

His concert and the whole performance were incredible! Psychedelic! They played their noise music, while some girls were doing acrobatics, hanging from some strips of material, and in front of everything it was a screen where they were projecting some video. The whole set was so amazing that at one point I found myself lost in my thoughts. It was like a meditation!

After the performance ended we had to wait for him, because he was giving an interview. While waiting for him I met a friend of his, Tamara, who said at one point that I will go with her, and we all got into her car and went to her place. There we chilled out together and we had a great time. She showed me the room where I will sleep. Basically that’s when I found out that I will sleep at her place. It was great! We had a great time and we talked about a lot of stuff.

Unfortunately I don’t have any videos from this trip because my stupid phone decided not to save any of the videos that I’ve recorded on my way to Slovenia and on my trip to Hrastnik.

I have uploaded pictures from Brode(Vransko), where I volunteer, here, and some pictures from Hrastnik here. Enjoy!

It seems that I was pretty lucky so far! :)

Take care and hope to see you soon!