[This was my best hitchhiking trip so far!]

Friday, around 6PM I went hunting. I was hunting for a good spot for hitchhiking toward Maribor, somewhere close to the highway. So I followed the main road ‘till I found a small intersection. Actually it was the exit towards a small road heading to a house. After I analyzed the spot I decided to stay there because I could’ve been seen from far away and the cars had some room to park. After waiting for only 10 minutes, or so, a guy with a van picked me up. I was in a very good mood and I started talking with him.[ I forgot his name :( ]

The guy knew English very well and we discussed about various topic like, how is life in Romania, how it is in Slovenia, etc. I told him about my travel and how I decided to go. I told him how I quit my job and how I plan on crossing Scandinavia this summer. I could see on his face that he was genuinely happy and excited for me. He kept wishing me good luck and encouraging me to go on with my plans. He said that he really wishes for me to get on all the continents. After 30 minutes of driving he stopped at a gas-station to have a coffee. He was very nice and paid for mine as well.

When we got back to car and started driving, he told me that he’s going on the way towards Budapest and he will drop me somewhere close to Maribor. I didn’t really cared to much and I was happy that I was getting there. Right after he told me that I started to have a feeling that something nice and good will happen. I felt that either he will drive me to the city or that he will give me money. I had no idea where that feeling came from and I immediately got rid of that thought because I considered that it’s only my imagination. When we got close to Maribor, he stopped at one exit, yes on the highway, that was 2km away from the city and before I exited the car, he reached into his back pocket and gave me 10 euro!!!!! I was stunned and at first I said no, but he insisted and said to take them to have some money for cigarettes or a pizza. I was so happy after I got out of the car that I started singing and dancing while walking towards the city.

After I got to the city’s center I started another hunt. This time I was hunting for a wifi connection. At one point I got really frustrated because I was finding connections but I couldn’t use Facebook to contact my host. After half an hour I eventually found one and got in contact with Samo and we met.

When we got to his place, after he showed me my room, we started talking and talking. We got so caught up with the talking that I forgot about letting my friends know that I arrived safely to Maribor. We talked a lot about Reiki, about healing techniques and energies. We were sharing with each other what we knew and what we were interested about. We went to sleep late, after 1AM.

The next day, on Saturday, we went for a short walk around his neighborhood, which was very quiet and nice. We got to the bottom of a big hill from where you can see the whole city. We didn’t go up because we had to go to his mother’s place for lunch and we didn’t have too much time.

I was very excited to go to his mother’s place to have lunch. His mother was very kind and welcoming. I ate traditional, homemade, Slovenian food. Trust me, it was delicious! There I met Samo’s brother, Simon, who is my age and he’s studying psychology. Actually I found out that their father is a psychotherapist, but not any type of psychotherapist but a psychoanalyst!

After the lunch we went back home to rest for a while, and then we started walking again. At one point I was alone for one hour, exploring the city because Samo had some stuff to do. It was very nice to walk alone on a very nice and hot day, through the old center of a very nice city. I took a lot of photos and I enjoyed every moment of my walk. Although it was a Saturday, the place was pretty quiet. I was expecting to see much more people, but maybe it was like that because of the heat…

In the evening we went to see a celebration of a victory of the soldiers from Maribor against the Turks. We were invited there by one of Samo’s friends. That performance consisted different types of dance. Some women danced on Turkish, Indian and flamenco music. It was pretty nice and impressive.

After that we went to Pekarna, a place like Metelkova from Ljubljana. It’s a squatted place where people have fun, organize concerts and various workshops and cultural events. We went there to see my friend, Rok, having his fire show that he told me about.

The place was filled with people and there was music coming from everywhere. Before Rok’s fire show, there were 2 concerts. It was my first time when I saw concerts in a parking lot. It was very interesting and cool how they put their stuff in the parking lot between 2 buildings from that place and just played their music!

The fire show was interesting, with a lot of sparks and heat. And with a metal spider that had fire inside its body. The spider was actually build by Rok, because he’s a metalworker.

After the fire show ended we went inside one of the clubs to see what’s there and we saw that some other concerts were happening there. There were some young kids that were playing very well. During those concerts we found out that it was Pekarna’s 19th anniversary and that’s why there were so many things happening. I guess I had my luck with me once again. I got there at the right time, what can I say? :)

After we bounced to other clubs in Pekarna, where we danced and enjoyed the evening, we decided to go home.

In the way home, after Samo ate something, we thought that we could try and see another place where Samo knows it’s nice and people dance and stuff. After we got there and Samo said hello to a friend of him, we discovered that we actually crashed to someone’s birthday party! Hahahah!!! The girl who was having the party was super cool and gave us drinks and invited us to stay. We had some more fun there and danced for a while.

After the police came and gave a warning to the girl who was having the party, everything kinda’ faded and lost its fun. That was the moment when we decided to go home and sleep. That was a nice, very fun and long night.

On Sunday we had family lunch once again, but this time we ate with his father.

Once again I was welcomed in the house of my host’s family. His father is a nice man and he made some very nice and tasty food. Again, Samo’s brother was with us and we had some interesting chat about philosophy and psychology and about some experiments and how people perceive things and so on.

After we ate I had a great long conversation with the partner of Samo’s father. She is a lovely woman who had a wonderful English accent that she got 40 years ago when she lived in UK for one year. I was surprised by her English and I couldn’t believe that she knows it so well after so many years.

Because Samo had some stuff to do with his father, me and her talked for more than an hour about my trip and how I started it. I told her about my parent’s opinion about this. We discussed about the current society and how things should go, from my perspective, about the money and how we could live without them and so one. She was very nice and she gave me a lot of compliments that flattered me. She said that she considers my visit to their home a gift.

When Samo and his father finished what they were doing, me and him went home where we talked about meditations and healing systems. He thought me a very nice meditation that I could use.

Around 5PM I decided to go towards a spot that I read about on hitchwiki that is good. I saw where it is and I knew that I had to walk for 40-60 minutes to there. I am used to walking, since I started my trip, so I didn’t really care.

Once again I was in a very, very good mood, this time because of the meditation that I did before, that I sang during my walk.

For a lift, I waited around 20 minutes. I was picked up by a cool guy, while I was rolling a cigarette, and while I was trying to keep up my sign. The guy told me that I looked really weird, like I was praying or disabled, hahaha!

Even if he was going only to Celje, when we got close to it, he said that he could drive me all the way to Vransko, because it was pretty close! Yupy! Once again I was super lucky.

This weekend was very cool and it seemed that my karma was, once again, very good! I arrived into a city in the best time possible and had a wonderful time.

Take care and hope to see you soon.

Here’s my video shot on the road: