So, where to start?

After trying my luck for the second time on couchsurfing, I finally found a host for the weekend and went there. To be honest I was determined to go even if I wouldn’t had a host! Luckily my karma was good in this weekend and I didn’t had to sleep in a park.

Friday, after finishing my work, I packed some stuff in my small backpack and went to the main road. I don’t know where I got the inspiration to try my luck on the national road, not the highway, but it payed off.

With a pretty big dose of enthusiasm I arrived at the gas station(which is actually my tobacco shop), well equipped with my “sign”. My so-called sign was a piece of A4 paper where I’ve managed to scribble “LJ” with a pencil, before I left the farm.

My host, Simona, knew that I am hitchhiking so we didn’t really agreed to meet at a specific time and place. We knew that we will find each other somehow :)

There wasn’t too much traffic, but I still had my hopes high. Although it was starting to rain a little bit, I kept my ground and hoped for the best. As I already said, I think my karma was good, because I had to wait only for 15-20 minutes until a guy, Rok, put his head out of the window and asked me something in Slovenian. I told him that I only know English and he asked me if I want a lift to Kamnik, which is close to Ljubljana. Following my principle of moving, instead of just sitting in one place, I accepted and got in the car.

He was extremely friendly, from the first second I got in the car. He was the first driver to tell me his name, just after I got inside the car. Usually I start talking with the drivers and after a while I introduce myself. This time was different.

As we drove through the valleys the talking started. At one point he asked me if I am in a hurry, because he would like to stop on our way to talk with a friend of his. He said that we will stay only for one beer. He told me that they haven’t seen each other for a while and he would like to talk with him.

As I know from my ‘experience’, “just for one beer” it’s never actually just one beer. My experience was not wrong and we stayed there for 3 beers. Both guys, Rok and his pal, are metal workers and they showed me some of their sculptures and creations. Rok’s friend made for his house a fireplace in the shape of a Harley Davidson’s engine! It looked so cool!!

After that third beer, we left because actually Rok was a bit in a hurry :)) He told me that he has to do some errands in Kamnik, and if I want I could help him with those and afterwards he could drive me to Ljubljana.

I was very happy with his proposal, because I didn’t quite wanted to hitchhike from there. His errands was actually only one. We had to take some metal from a place to his workshop. Those things that we took, were in fact the legs of a big metal spider that he uses in his fire shows. Yes, he has his fire performance shows. [He is the 3 guy who picks me up in Slovenia and has a band. If these connections are not enough, he also knows Neven, the guy who picked me up on my first day in Slovenia; the guy who invited me to his noise music concert!!!]

Right before we decided to leave towards Ljubljana, we called Simona, my host, to tell her that I’m on my way and to invite her(!) to go for a drink with us(!). It’s funny how I somehow became for a moment the host, in a way.

She asked us to give her some time, so we went to eat something in order to waste some time. After we searched the place for the cheapest-biggest-best burek, we headed towards Ljubljana.

I was lucky to stick with Rok, because outside just started a huge storm that would’ve probably soaked me.

When we got to Ljubljana, while waiting for Simona, me and Rok started to talk. At one point we got to a very philosophical conclusion: “Defect is the effect of a fact!” BAM!!! :)) I don’t really know how that came out, but it sounds funny and also very interesting :)

After Simona found us, we went straight to Metelkova! Metelkova is an autonomous social center in the center of Ljubljana. I was told by 2 people to go there, before even getting to Ljubljana. Even if I got there by night, I saw how interesting it was and how alternative the whole place was.

The night was very long and we wondered on the streets for a while, in order to find another place. We talked and had a great time together, sharing stories, drinks and cigarettes.

The next day, after we woke up very, very late, we had the breakfast in a pretty unusual way: melon with coffee :) Although the combination sounds strange, is not that bad, in fact!

Around 3:30-4:00 me and Simona went to the market. Not to buy stuff, but to get stuff. No, we didn’t go there to steal, but to dumpster-dive! For the ones who don’t know what that is, and are too lazy to click on the link, I will explain in a few words. Dumpster diving is reusing the trash of others. In the market it was very easy to do that, because the producers left boxes of fruits of vegetables that they considered “trash”. In fact, most of that food was just unaestheticI was very disappointed to see how much food is wasted, only because it has a dent or a slight change of color…

I knew about dumpster-diving for a while but I haven’t met someone who did it, so I was very glad that my host does this. This was my first time and I’m glad I had this opportunity. Trust me, it’s not as you think it is! When I first heard about this thing, some time ago, I thought it’s crazy, but after talking to some people and reading about it, I realized is not as it sounds :) This way you can save a lot of money and have good food! In fact, me and Simona, had a huge dinner, with 2 different dishes, from free food. I was shocked for a long while about the amount of food that we have and by the fact that was FREE! From the food that we got from the market, I prepared some lettuce soup, which Simona really enjoyed. It was my first time when I made this soup, and I surprised myself also!

On my last day in Ljubljana,  we decided to go for a walk. But before we left the house, we sent a message to Rok, to ask him if he’s living Ljubljana on Sunday or Monday. He told me, when he picked me up, that he will go back to Maribor. On Friday he wasn’t sure about the day and we decided to keep in touch through Facebook and phone. He called back to tell me that he’s living on Sunday, but later in the evening, sometime between 8 and 10. Hearing that, I decided to go visit the castle, the center and all the places that you could visit by walking. It wasn’t like a touristic tour, but more like a walk-to-discover type of tour.

We also went to see Metelkova during the day and I was fascinated! I was so fascinated by everything that I had to be very careful not to break a leg or my neck :))

After we saw most of the interesting parts of Ljubljana, we decided to slowly walk to the house and stop for a while in the huge park that they have in the city. Imagine a forest almost in the center of the city! That’s their park!!!
When we got close to the park we saw that they sky was turning dark so we decided to grab some beers and head home :)

So, until Rok called, Simona and me shared travel stories while drinking cheap beers and eating unhealthy food(chips) and getting my beard braided. Simona had some fun while trying different styles, but we settled to 2 braids, instead of one. We had a small photo session with my new beard style(?) and had a lot of fun!

Oh, I almost forgot! Thanks to Simona, I realized that I was kinda’ stupid when I made my plans for this summer, so I changed them a bit.
I decided that I will cross Scandinavia, during this summer, and after that I will go through the rest of the countries in Europe, because the weather will be much more better here, than in the North, during the autumn/winter.

All in all, it was a great weekend for me. I learned new stuff, I cooked some food for the first time and I made some new, cool, friends!

Here is a small video shot on the road: