You shouldn’t be afraid of traveling. It will only help you grow and discover your inner self.

When I started my trip I was also afraid.

I understand you. Only the thought of actually taking the first step in your adventure makes your heart skip a bit or two. I know how it is. Do you think I felt different when I started my trip? Do you think I am made by something else besides flesh and bones? No! I am just like you.

When I decided to start my trip (this being my first time going abroad) I knew I am crazy and I was s*itless  quite scared.

I was scared of what I might do and also about the reactions I will get from my friends and from the people I care about. It’s normal to be scared of the unknown. In fact it’s natural.

The night before I started my trip I didn’t sleep at all. I was counting the minutes (both because of the excitement and fear). That day, at 5:30am, when my alarm went off I was up in a split of a second. My heart was pounding like never before and I went out the door.
Half an hour later I hit my first obstacle: the guy who was supposed to drive me half of the way stood me up. No warning, no nothing! I was sitting there alone in the cold, in a bus stop, and with no plan. I didn’t prepare a sign or anything for hitchhiking (very smart of me, I know!). Do you think I cared? No!
I went to a hitchhiking spot at the outskirts of the city and started again. On my way I found some cardboard and made a sign.

That day, the very first day of my trip, was intense for me. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong: I was stood up by the guy who was supposed to drive me half of the trip, I didn’t have a sign prepared, I left on a Saturday without knowing that on Friday there was a National day in Hungary(as known as “longer weekend”, a.k.a. no cars on the road), I was dropped off on the highway(the driver realized that he was not going in my direction), I was hitchhiking on a roundabout in the middle of a forest not even knowing where I am, and so on.

Was I scared? Of course I was! What I wasn’t, was panicked. In fact I was very relaxed and calm. Everything seemed very natural and smooth for me, and in fact it was. I had a feeling that I’m on the right track, that everything will turn out to be good at the end of the day. And it was exactly like that.

So when I tell you “don’t be afraid of traveling” I am not accusing you for the fact that you’re afraid nor I’m being inconsiderate. I am just trying to tell you that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

You’ve started your journey.

Just imagine the scenario of you starting your adventure, with or without someone. Ok?

Now think about what can go wrong in your trip. Write them down on a piece of paper (this will be helpful). Write all the things, from the smallest incident to the worst.

Now read them again. Once more!

What’s the worst that could happen? How many of those fears are real? When I say real, I mean “having a high probability of happening based on scientific data”. How many of those fears are only in your head or just exaggerations created by movies, TV, magazines, etc?

You can take this one step further. For every thing that could go wrong in that scenario try and see how many solutions you can find. Personally I don’t do this because I consider that I will react and analyze the situation in that particular moment, if anything wrong is going to happen.

I am sure that you’ve found multiple solutions for the things you thought they can go wrong and will make you unable to have your trip.

Now, after doing this exercise do you see how many “real threats” are only in our minds?

I am not saying that things cannot go wrong. They can! But a lot of times we overthink things and create unreal scenarios that paralyze us. Too many times we abandon our plans or even dreams because some irrational fears.
It’s good and healthy to write down your fears and look at them objectively, to discover how many of them are real threats and how many are imagination.

Trust me, you shouldn’t be afraid of traveling. It will only help you grow and discover your inner self. I know this from my experience.

Let me know in your comments what are your biggest fears that stay between you and your adventure.