I know it’s been a long time since I wrote here. A lot of things happened and I knew that I will have time to write here so that’s why I wasn’t worried about it.

I want to share with you some of the stories that I remember from my trip through France. I hope to remember as many details as possible.

(This happened sometime around the 24th of July)

Me and my friend, Daniel, spend 3 days in France. We crossed it from east to west, traveling on the south coast. I was surprised and excited by the fact that I actually got to Côte d’Azur. For me that was a huge thing because I only heard about it from the movies and I imagined that it’s a hard to get place.

I must admit that the scenery on the whole trip was great. We were very lucky, because the weather was nice and that made the trip more enjoyable.

Our first stop in France was Nice. The name rang a bell for me, but that was all. We found a good spot to park the car, in the center, and started to visit the place. I enjoyed walking around that place and I really enjoyed the beer (expensive!!!) that we had in a nice bar, right on the shore of the sea.

As much as I enjoyed the city, I was a bit disappointed by the fact that the city wasn’t too clean. Ok, Romania is far from being clean, but I thought France would be much cleaner than Romania.

After we finished our tour of the city :) we refreshed our stock of food from a supermarket and went on a treasure hunt. The treasure was the actual place to sleep. After we drove out of the city, we found a nice stone beach. On the side of the road there were caravans parked so we figured out that it’s a camper’s place or something. After we parked the car we asked some people about this and they said that actually is not allowed to stay there but everyone is doing it. Two minutes later we saw the posts saying that “camping and using camping equipment is not allowed”. Luckily we found a whole in the system, because we weren’t actually planning to really camp, just to sleep on the beach. We decided to sleep there, even if it was a stone beach.

During our “research” about the place we managed to make some new friends, some artists. There was a guy who was traveling with his mother and they started to tell us about all their life. It was interesting, but when his mother started showing us his son’s artworks and trying to sell them to us I felt a bit uncomfortable…

The night went fast and I loved the fact that I slept on a stone beach, on Côte d’Azur on a full moon night! We had some company too, some rats, but we weren’t bothered by them. They kept the distance. :P

The next day we traveled some more and visited Toloun. I loved the place and I was impressed by the nice architecture of the city’s old center. From there we wanted to go to Montpellier, but because we left the city a bit too late we abandoned the plan and just improvised.

We agreed not to sleep in Marseille, because Daniel heard that the place is not to safe so we went in another treasure hunt.  We followed the coastline and at one point we were passing a small city. As we were approaching a roundabout I noticed a group of people in front of a 3 floor building, sitting at a table. By the look of it, I thought it’s a camping. While Daniel was driving in the roundabout I looked behind and saw a board on the fence of the place saying “Med School Student Dorm”. After I finished reading this, I heard a “cha-ching” sound in my head and I saw a light bulb turning on above my head. I told Daniel what I read and we made eye contact, I asked him: “are you thinking what I am thinking?” with a big grin on my face. He just nodded and at the next intersection he turned the car around.

We got to that place and parked the car next to the entrance. By the way, this was happening sometime around 10-11 PM! As we were approaching the group, me and Daniel were discussing what should we say. When we got there, Daniel was very honest and asked if they could help us in some way. We told them that we slept the last night on a stone beach and that anything would work for us. They debated between themselves for a minute and told us that they could offer us a mattress on the hallway’s floor if it’s ok with us. We were surprised by our luck and told them that their offer is heaven for us.

They were very nice to us and they offered us food and drinks. After spending some time with them, they went to sleep and me and Daniel went for a walk to the beach, because it was very close. The story from the beach I will share it some other time because it has to be shared, but it is long :P

Next day we woke up early, because they went to work, at hospital, and we didn’t wanted to be a burden for them. They offered us their showers, coffee and nice company.

I felt very good to see that there are nice people that are willing to help others, unconditionally.

My first visit in France was very nice, and I can say that I really enjoyed. Unfortunately I left with the impression that France is a dirty country… I hope to be proven wrong when I will go next time :)

Take care and hope to see you soon.

Here is a video from Toloun: