Hello guys! :)

Basically this is my first post here, as the previous ones were only to present myself.

The last weeks were amazing!!! After I’ve ‘officially’ launched my website, the amount of feedback I’ve received was huge. I didn’t expect to receive so many positive comments and offers. I have appeared, so far, in two online newspapers and that brought a lot of attention over me and my website. A lot of people saw the articles and then they searched for me just to tell me once again to have a nice trip or a similar message. Also, I have received offers to stay at people all around the world!!! I was stunned when I saw that people who only knew my plan, offered me a place to stay in their homes.

On my last day at my job, my coworkers gave me a very nice present: a pretty big laptop backpack and a cigarette holder, with my website engraved on it, and a Zippo lighter. It was sooo nice! I loved it!

After I finished my job, I left Timişoara, in order to stay with my parents for a few days and to visit my relatives. My time with my relatives was great. We talked a lot and I’ve explained to them what is my plan and I tried to calm them, because they are a bit worried. Also, one of my uncles taught me how to cut the vines. He explained me the principle of cutting and how long should be the remaining branch. With one of my aunts I’ve cooked together, a new recipe for both of us, and it turned out great!

So, the preparations are almost done. My backpack is waiting for me to take it on my back and just go. But, before I will take it on my back I will have to unpack it and sort everything again, third time already, because I realized that I have way too much stuff in it :)

Now I’m just waiting to get back in Timişoara and meet with my friends once again and have a party or two :) and after that, my adventure will start!


Take care!