So Copenhagen came and left – in fact I did, but never mind. Hahah!

After having a really weird and fun ride to Copenhagen I found myself at home again.  No exaggeration!


Firstly, I was greeted by a warm and nice woman who hugged me the first second we met. She showed me the way to her house. It was midnight and she had a blanket wrapped around her. I could see her smiling while asking me how my trip was and if I am tired. She was very nice and I felt really welcomed.

When we got to her house, she and her friend were sitting at a table, next to the fire while listening to good music and having a glass of wine.
I’ve left my bag in the room and joined them right after.

I had found my friends again

I was stunned by the amount of the light in the sky, even though it was past midnight. They seem not to notice it, while I was in awe.
We stayed out for a couple more hours talking about my trip, my decision to start this lifestyle and so on. It was nice and fun. I had found my friends again. It felt like we know each other for a long, long time.

Mette’s friend invited me to sleep in her house, instead of the tent, because I was tired from the road. I accepted it only for the first night and I was so glad I did that.
I discovered a wonderful minimalistic wooden house which blew my mind. I still want to draw its sketch so I have a blueprint for a tiny house!

That’s how my first “day” went in Copenhagen. I arrived at midnight, remember?

After a welcome like that I knew for sure that my time there will be nicely spent. And it was!



If I would start writing all the things I did in one month in Copenhagen it will take me a lot of time to write, and you to read :)

The first few nights I slept in a tent, where I had a nice and warm mattress on the floor. I had to sleep there because Mette’s parents were visiting her and the space inside the house was limited. I enjoyed every second of my camping, in the potatoes’ bed, and I was surprised that my ass was not freezing. After all, I was in the North[later I found out that the weather in Denmark is nicer than in Romania!]

The days that followed felt very natural and everything we did was in sync. We would wake up without an alarm and we would start the day from that point. The tasks we would discuss over the long breakfast and the day would’ve been settled. Mette would give me different tasks that I could pick from and I would do whatever I felt like doing.

Crossing items from the “Magic List” was really enjoyable and fulfilling.

The "Magic List"

The “Magic List”

A few days later we developed our “Magic List” system. That’s the fridge’s door on which we would write all the things that need to be done.
We would do any of those tasks and after they were done we would cross it with a line. Crossing items from the “Magic List” was really enjoyable and fulfilling.
We called this system the “Magic List” because everything we would put up there would be crossed in a few days.

After Mette’s parents left, we went cycling through the city. The bike she provided for me was great for enjoying the most bike-friendly city.

don't cycle and photograph!

don’t cycle and photograph!


The lanes for the bicycles are so wide and people so polite that cycling through the city is a joy. And you don’t even realize you’re in a capital!
Copenhagen is full of life, but is not crowded. That’s a big, BIG, thumbs up from me for that.

One week there and I already feel like I fit in. I can cycle through the city without needing my map. I know how often the street lights’ color change. I’m at home.

Next thing I know, 2 days later I’m meeting with the owner of an amazing cultural place called “The Dome of Visions”

The Dome of Visions

The Dome of Visions

Second week, while having our amazing breakfast I remembered that I want to organize an event about my lifestyle and how to travel without money. Knowing that Mette is alternative and in contact with these kind of groups as well I asked her if she knows any places where I could have my event.

Next thing I know, 2 days later I’m meeting with the owner of an amazing cultural place called “The Dome of Visions” which is on the canal, next to The Black Diamond Library of Copenhagen.
After a 10 minutes talk, he’s already on facebook creating the event. It was settled, just 4 days later the event will take place.

Wow! Just wow!

promoting the event

promoting the event

During the following days the number of attendees for the event kept growing in such a fast pace that I was really wondering if the place will fit all of them. Even though I know that not even half of the people who click „attending” will come, still there were more than 150 people saying they will.

In a place where i didn’t have any contacts and friends I was shocked to see so many people interested in my event.

As days passed by, I got more and more excited about what’s going to happen and the work felt less and less like work. Of course I got a bit nervous, but I liked the feeling. It was like a rush, I was put in fast-forward and I became more focused, but also aware of everything around me.

Once again I started having the same feelings I had had in the winter in Romania!

The event’s day came and since the first hours of the morning rain started pouring. And it kept doing that for a few hours.

My intuition was working well that day.

Instead of panicking and hyperventilating I focused on having my breakfast and enjoying the moment. I knew, deep inside, that somehow things will turn out fine and I don’t have any reasons to be unhappy.

And that’s how it was, in fact. At that time, at breakfast, everything was perfect and I didn’t have any reasons to be nervous, angry or sad. I had my coffee and slowly prepared for the day.

I finished showering and packed my stuff. I have mentally prepared for cycling for 45 minutes through the rain the whole morning. I was ready for this, no worries. But just as I stepped out of the house the last drops from the clouds touched the ground.

It was a miracle! Haha! Or call it as you wish, but the timing couldn’t be better. I knew I shouldn’t worry about the weather. My intuition was working well that day.

I arrived quite early at the Dome and after I changed my t-shirt, which was soaking wet from sweat, I started to prepare the space for the event.
I wasn’t sure how many chairs to set-up due to the bad weather, so I’ve just put 15 or so.
Even though facebook was telling me that I should put 10times more, I was keeping it real.

Nothing happened until 5-10 minutes before the time the event was announced for. Just a with a few minutes before the starting time, people started to come in. Slowly, one by one, the chairs found their owners.

Soon after, there weren’t enough chairs but they managed to find benches and other places to sit. I say “they” because I was already talking. I asked the audience to wait for a few minutes for the others to come in but I couldn’t keep them wait much longer so I started.

Throughout the event people kept coming and in the end we were around 30-40 people. A really nice group which was very curious and interactive. After I finished saying the basic ideas we started talking and interacting as a group and we managed to share lots of useful information with the others.

The feedback was great and people asked me for web resources where to find places to volunteer and do what I do.

After the event a group of people asked me if I want to join them to finish a bottle of wine and some snacks. Mike was leaving the next morning to USA and he wanted to finish all the stuff he had left.
I enthusiastically joined them and made new friends. We were people from Romania, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Sweden and USA. That’s what I call a multicultural meeting!

I stayed with them for a few hours because I had to get home at a specific time. I had set up a virtual dinner with Denisa. Having a long-distance relationship you have to be creative and find ways to make the distance smaller.

having a long-distance dinner/lunch

having a long-distance dinner/lunch

So in the evening I had a lovely dinner/lunch with my girlfiend thanks to the great inventions of technology like: mobile phones with cameras, internet, satellites and what-not.

A few days after I had a trip to Malmo, Sweden, where I was hosted by a lovely Romanian girl who showed me the city and made me feel like home.

I had found another friend!

We cycled through the city and went to the beach, we watched movies, we cooked, laughed and talked about tons of stuff.

I have even received a nice gift from her: a notebook, where I will write some important, key-points, from my travels from each country. It will be like a diary, visual log-book.

When I came back from Sweden I kept working, but it’s hard for me to refer to it as work because it went so smooth that I didn’t even notice it.
I dug some trenches in the ground for a future foundation, I built trellis for beans and pumpkins. I made fences from chicken wire. I did lots of stuff.

one fo the bean trellies that I've made

one fo the bean trellies that I’ve made

Oh, and I worked with beehives and wax. That was a really nice job and very insightful for me.
I even squeezed out fresh honey which was a great hand treatment. Yes, you do it by hand! :)

working :)

working :)

I felt like home again.

A few more days passed and I found myself set-up with 2 photo shootings. One was more about “man fashion” and another one more conceptual with flowers in my hair and stuff.

I found myself having lots of social interaction, plans and meeting. I felt like home again. And not only because of the social interaction, but also because of the city, which felt super homey to me. The way I was strolling around on the bicycle. The way I got familiar to the streets and shortcuts. Everything made me feel like home.

And there I was – three weeks and a half after my arrival in Copenhagen – looking for a ride to Netherlands, to my new hosts. But I wasn’t hitchhiking YET.
Not yet, because I was browsing some rides on blablacar. Yes, I was looking there because I discovered that you can get a ride there for free too, but I will come to that in another article :)

I was thinking about leaving around the 13th of August, so I will have a better chance at hitchhiking, being the 13th would be a weekday. I was looking for a free ride so I wouldn’t spend my time on the streets and gas-stations. I spent a few days searching and trying my luck, but I didn’t have anything planned for sure.

It was so nice to see so many cultures getting along and sharing their lives and stories.

In the same time I was invited, by some people who came to my event, to go out for a drink and to talk about the subject again. We saw that on the 12th there was a couchsurfing meeting and thought that it’s the best place to meet. And so we did.

At the specified time we were there and soon after we didn’t have enough chairs for all of us. A couple came there straight from Berlin, by hitchhiking. They were dropped right in front of the bar.

Once again I had a multicultural meeting and I found myself talking and finding out interesting stories from all those people. It was so nice to see so many cultures getting along and sharing their lives and stories. Wonderful meeting!

My friend who invited me was asking me if I’ll still leave the next day. I told him the story of how I was looking for rides for a few days already and how I still don’t know.
I found myself being a bit tensed and anxious about this when I decided to let go. I told him “Man, I have no idea when I’ll leave. Who knows? I might find myself packing tonight and leave tomorrow if anyone will answer to me on blabalcar. I don’t know!”

That’s when I decided to not worry about that at that point and just enjoy what I was doing, connecting with people. So I turned my phone’s WIFI off(cos I was still on my phone looking for rides) and said “Fuck it! I’m with people, I must enjoy them

As I was there, at one point I started talking with this guy, Gijs, from Netherlands. We talked about traveling and soon after I asked him where’s he from. When I heard “Netherlands” I was curious how he got there, in Copenhagen. He said with his car. My eyes got wider and I immediately asked him “So, when are you going back?”. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard him saying “Tomorrow” with such an ease. I already had even my toes crossed, not just my fingers, when I asked him “Do you happen to have an extra seat for me?”. Super relaxed he said “Yeah! Sure! I’m by myself and I have a van. Do you wanna come?”
My answer was “Are you fucking kidding me?! YES! OMG! Thank you!”

He was like “Ok dude, we’ll meet at this bar tomorrow at 14:00. Is that alright for you?”

And that’s how I got my ass out of Copenhagen.

Even now I am speechless about how this happened. I couldn’t have timed it better.

Have you been to Copenhagen? If so, what was your favourite part?
Let me know in your comments!

You can find more photos of my one month stay in Copenhagen here