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What can you discover in Budapest

Budapest seen from the Danube

A few days ago I decided to leave Romania. I didn’t make a big fuss about it. I just packed my bag, made an arrangement through a car-sharing website and I was off. If...


AFTER “The Tour”

photo by Andreea Lupașcu

So basically this will be a “dear diary” – type of post. I really want to share with you guys the things that happened to me these last 3 weeks. I am still in...


The tour: 6th stop – Sibiu

photo by Cornel Moșneag

So after my blitzkrieg stop in Brașov I headed up to Sibiu. I woke up and had another wrestle match with Kaya and after that was all over I filled my bottle with water(it’s...


The tour: 5th stop – Brasov

My 5th stop during my trip was a total blitzkrieg. I stayed in Brașov only one full day, that’s why I say it was a blitzkrieg. I left Bucharest not that early, but early...


The tour: 4th stop – București

eu la dobro show

After my amazing time in Iași, my tour continued with my next destination: Bucharest.  Being so full of positive energy from the messages I received that morning, I walked to the hitchhiking spot in...


The tour: 3rd stop – Iași


My trip from Fălticeni to Iași went really smooth! I had to wait only 10 minutes and the first car that stopped for me was ok with the fact that i don’t have money...


The Tour: 1st stop – Cluj-Napoca


So this is my first post for this year. First I will introduce you to my recent life, which was like a washing machine set up on spin cycle. After I finished my EVS...


How you can live without money*

Ok, I must admit, not entirely without money, but almost without any money at all. After all we are social beings and we have some needs that can be fulfilled by using money but...