Caramujo     Carne Porco c/ Ameijoas

This was the first time in my life when I ate shellfish. I haven’t ate only one type, but two different ones.

First one was “caramujo”( a type of gastropods) , as aperitif. The shells of this type of shellfish, are sold as souvenirs, in Romania. Imagine how I felt knowing that I’m eating souvenirs, hahah. After I closed my eyes, I got the courage to eat it and I wasn’t disappointed. To be honest I was very, very impressed and ate half of them. So from my point of view, it’s a big yes-yes!

The other type of shellfish was part of a traditional Portuguese dish called “Carne Porco c/ Ameijoas” – name transcribed from the menu board that was outside the restaurant. This dish, as you can see in the picture, was served with french-fries and rice. The dish itself was a stew-type of food made with pork meat and shellfishes.

First thing that I did when the food arrived, besides taking a picture, was to taste the shellfish. The taste is hard to describe. It had one, but not very potent. I wasn’t disappointed by it and then I proceeded to dig in. I ate everything from my plate and I loved it.

I would recommend this food if you have the chance to eat it. It is very tasty and traditional!