Recently I had my best camping trip, ever, here in Portugal. Yes, I went camping at the end of November and my ass didn’t freeze! That’s sounds so crazy to me.

For me the date 20th of November isn’t in my camping season :) Luckily, here in Portugal it seems it still is.

Having 2 days off from the hostel where I’m volunteering, me and my girlfriend, Kelly, went on an adventure.

Equipped with a lot of stuff, in order to survive the “freezing temperature of Portuguese winter”(6℃ in the night, hahaha), we went to a gas station to hitchhike our way towards Europe’s extreme southwest point of continental Europe, Sagres. After a half an hour of waiting there, the adventure started.  In order for us to get to a beach where we could camp we were picked up by 5 cars! The whole trip was amazing. Filled with a lot of weird and interesting coincidences like: meeting a guy with reiki symbols tattooed on this forearm right after I was telling Kelly about reiki or being picked up by a Romanian and finding out after 10 minutes or trying to chat in Spanish and English, hahaha.

The last guy who picked us up, Marco from Switzerland, told us about “the best spot for the two of you”, a beach right after a valley which was empty. He drove us as close as he could towards the beach and he explained to us how to get there.

The way to the beach was the most unusual ever. We were walking on a dirt road that was cutting its way through fields, on small hills. In front of us a valley was opening between 2 rocky hills. We passed next to a small forest of eucalyptus trees(firewood!!!) and before we know it we got to a small beach between those 2 rocky hills. The beach was very nice, clean and peaceful. Only the sounds of the waves and the insects around we could hear. In front of us the mighty Atlantic and nothing more. I was laughing because how stunned I was by the scenery and by our amazing luck to get there. If we weren’t picked up by that guy we would never find a beach like that.

After we threw our luggage on the beach we walked and we saw a cave in one of the hill’s walls. As we went there to inspect it we saw 2 nudists staying in front of it. After a short talk with them they told us that actually they were just leaving and that we could have the cave to ourselves. JACKPOT!!!

We took all our stuff to the cave and I set the tent inside it, where it fitted perfectly.

After a small photo session of the place we went to get firewood so we could have the dinner that we’ve planned to have.

A short walk back to the eucalyptus trees and we were ready to cook and enjoy a night in front of a fire.

So with everything being in place and everything being taken care of, we went hiking on one of the rocky hills to see the sunset and the area better.

Oh, that was another big shock for me! The view was stunning, amazing, impossible to describe in words, and I am not exaggerating at all! I had the biggest grin on my face! My only reaction was a burst of laughter from time to time. I was literally speechless!

After we got back from our short hike, we started to slowly prepare for the night.
I made sure to break the firewood in small pieces and Kelly started the fire. After the fire was going we put our food(marinated potatoes, onions and peppers) in tin foil in order to cook it.

As we were doing this, we were listening to some good music from Kelly’s phone and enjoying a bottle of white wine.

Right before the food was ready, we fried some sausages on fire and after those were ready the feast began.

For me it was so awesome to have my tent set up in a cave, me and Kelly sitting in front of the fire which we made at the cave’s entrance, eating some very tasty food, while sitting on sand on a completely empty beach, drinking wine and listening to music.

The next day we explored the beach a bit more, and we discovered a smaller beach with another 2 caves, next to the beach where we slept. Those were not suitable for camping overnight because the tide would get into them.

After we had breakfast on that amazing small and quiet beach we decided to leave.

Because the beach where we camped wasn’t in Sagres, but only 17km away we decided it would be a big loss not to go there.

We walked back to the small village next to the beach, Figueira, and had a coffee before the trip.

We were picked up by a few cars in those 17kms but we got there and that place was also amazing. [ I know all the descriptions about these places seem to be exaggerated, but they are not! :)]

Before starting to hitchhike back to Faro(118km away) we had to drink a Sagres beer, in Sagres. So right next to the street sign saying “Sagres” we were chugging a 1L beer each and eating a sandwich.

Another 8 cars later we got back to faro, at 12:30AM!

The whole trip was crazy! We were picked up by a couple of Germans who were renting an RV and traveling in Portugal. For me that was the most exciting part of the trip back, because we were in the back of the car, in the “house” part. We were picked up by another Romanian guy and his wife and daughter. They admitted that were a bit scared to pick us up but the fact that was raining a bit made them change their mind. The last driver who picked us up was the most unusual, hahaha. He was probably around 60 years old, listening to some techno beats and Romanian music. At first I thought he’s also Romanian but he wasn’t, instead his girlfriend was. He has a Romanian girlfriend who’s 19 years old! Yup, 19! He also told us that his daughter is 31. WTF?! And to make sure he’s not that creepy he told us that he is not a pedophile, he likes girls that are 18 or above, not under! Besides all these interesting details about him, he also drifted(by mistake) in a roundabout because it was raining.

In total, in two days we were picked up by 13 cars, in order to travel 236km.

The fact that we got back so late wasn’t a problem for me, because I started my shift at 1AM. I was so close to missing my shift! :D

Best camping trip in my life!

Take care and see you soon!

PS: Photos here!