Hello, hello guys, and Happy New year! :)

Yep, I know I was lazy and I wasn’t active for a while. That’s because I’m in holiday, let’s say, since I left Portugal. I entered in the lazy mode and haven’t got out of it.

During this time I read very much and did a lot of thinking. During my readings I stumbled upon a great article written by Iulian Novac on the website http://www.therealman.ro/.

I have identified myself 100% with the ideas from the article. I realized that I had basically all these ideas before I started my trip, but I didn’t write them. That’s why I decided to translate it, and I also hope it will help some of you to make some drastic changes in your lives.  I asked Iulian and he accepted my suggestion.

Even though the article is on a website for “male personal development” I consider it as suitable for women as it is for men.

From my point of view, this article is the best way to start the year’s writing.

Good luck!

The article:

“15 Unbelievably Courageous Thoughts To Radically Change Your Life In 2014

I was told that I am very courageous, that I’m a model for other people, an inspiration. Sometimes even my mother admits it.

The truth is that a lot of times I am shitless scared. I am breathless. I don’t have any control over myself. A black cloud settles over my perception. I don’t know what to feel, what to think, what to feel.

In that moment I know that I am hopeless. I have to do it, because if I don’t, that situation or those thoughts will control my whole life.

I cannot afford something like this.

I conditioned myself to throw myself(literally and figuratively) in the whirl of insanity, right when I am afraid. This is my method of personal development. Sometimes I think, of course. But not when I feel afraid. In that moment(when I am afraid) I have to act.

Last year, in 2013, I had a lot of cool experiences. I finished university. I traveled enough. I had fun. I had a calm perspective ahead, safe(future) and fluent as a psychiatrist(or anything else that I wanted). Social status, easy and constant income, social validation, safety, peace. I was my own boss.

“Fuck med school. I will either become a homeless, or a billionaire!”

My level of fear was growing exponentially as years passed. I knew that this wasn’t my path for good and all. I knew that the system was killing me, day by day. The inevitable was about to happen – and I was participating at it. I was feeling helpless, even though I had some extra projects – entrepreneurial trials.

Then I made my decision:

I WON’T be a victim! I will make things my way and how’s best for me, or I will die trying.

Fast forward 6 months. I am Malaysia. When in Romania were -10°C(14°F), I was swimming in the pool and I was sick of the heat.  I am working at one of the best marketing company in the world, Mindvalley, and I see everyday “famous” and rich people. I have some female working colleagues that makes you dig for your deepest attention resources in order to really focus on your job( and I am very picky in general). I earn 4-5 times more than I would’ve earned in Romania as a doctor. I am learning everyday about marketing, business and I put myself into uncomfortable situations daily. In a few years I plan on getting to the point where I won’t have to worry about money for living and I plan to make a real and holistic medical system.

I managed to make that radical change of which I was dreaming for years. But this was only after I grabbed my balls off the floor and made a radical change, which made a lot of people angry – from teachers, colleagues, all the way to my family and “friends”.

I want to share with you this things which can help you make 2014 the most crazy, courageous and fascinating year of your life.

Are you ready to take the leap? Or will you just sit on the side for an indefinite term?

1)“Fuck my current situation – I will do EVERYTHING THAT IS NECESSARY to change it”

We are human beings. We don’t change if we’re not deep in the shithole. When you feel that the inertia caught you and you don’t have any willpower, then there’s only one thing to do.

Get mad!

Get mad at yourself. At the situation. At the people around you. At the circumstances that led you there. At the future that awaits you. At your fear. At your personality.

Then take an INDESTRUCTIBLE decision. Make the first step in that way.

That’s it. Then release the negative energy. Get ready for action.

2) “It’s possible”

Our mind has a precise role: to keep us safe. Until we insert new thoughts, new images, new paradigms, it will refuse to do something different.

You have to see the situation where you want to get – literally. To see it as detailed as possible with your “mind’s eyes”. To imagine it exactly like when you masturbate, when you’re imagining that you’re fucking that chick that you didn’t had the guts to ask her out.

It’s possible. Believe me, as impossible as it might sound. You just have to convince your mind.

3) “It won’t be easy, but I can do it”

Forget the word “easy” – the adventure just started. You’ll have to have a lot of determination, courage and patience.

If you managed to imagine it, you can do it. If you’ve decided, than surely it can be done. You just have to decide that you’ll do it. Life won’t help you if you don’t struggle.

4) “Let’s make a plan”

There is a saying that goes like this “If you want to make God laugh, make a plan”. Well, God laughed a lot of times WITH me, not AT me.

This doesn’t mean that it worked every time – but it’s important to have a direction and an idea about the things you’ll have to do. Otherwise the stress will be high and the chaos will get you kneeled. Be creative, but be organized as well. Make an action plan. Let it guide you. Bring yourself together when obstacles get in your way.

5) “It’s completely crazy but it will be very cool”

I cannot tell you how often I felt very uncomfortable and anxious. Or how often I thought that it is safer to follow the path I followed for 6 years. Or how I was crying in the plane. Or how I felt lonely and scared.

It doesn’t matter. Be aware of what might come up. Your mind is scared – and your ego. You’re more than this. Observe yourself, and don’t get attached. It’s ok to be as you are, as long as you go on the path you want.

6) “The Universe will help me”

Oh my… There were so many times when it happened that things went as I needed – not necessarily when I wanted it – in order to get to what I wanted.

I got 5.05 at my graduation paper(and I really studied). I was selected from over 500 applicants – only me. I had friends who offered to lend me money. I had all the resources that I needed, without even knowing.

Do you really think it’s a coincidence? That doesn’t exist! There is a strong intention, thoughts that are aligned with it, visualization and action.

7) “If I can imagine it detailed, it will happen”

I’ve printed pictures with the team from here. I imagined how cool I will feel when I will get the confirmation email. I even wrote myself the confirmation email, as I imagined it will look.

Should I tell you that I was having the following interview exactly with the person I was writing I will have it with?

Shall I tell you that when I first entered the office I thought I was dreaming? This feeling lasted for 2 days.

Can I tell you that visualization and the law of attraction are not as woo-woo as it sounds?

8) “A lot of people will be pissed at me, but this is my way”

I will be harsh: most of the people around you will try to stop you from changing. That’s because when you will be different, they will have to be different. They don’t want that. You’ll see how fun it is when a lot of attachments, hidden feelings and free insults will emerge – often maybe from those who are your closest friends.

Let them pass by. It’s your way. You don’t have to give explanations to anyone – not even your parents. Breath deep and carry on…

9) “I choose not to go back, NO MATTER WHAT!”

The inertia caused by safety it’s enormous. Sometimes the thought that there is a place somewhere in there world where it’s warm(home) and it’s for me, helps me. It’s ok, it’s refreshing. But then I remember that that’s where I ran from.

No, I won’t allow me to go back to inertia. No, I won’t go back until I will give my best. Yes, I choose independence, the unknown and full responsibility.

10) “This way I will see who are my real friends”

As I already said, this will be a good way to filter the people around you. Occasionally I make a cleansing – on Facebook or in real life – of “acquaintances “. I consider that it’s actually a fundamental part of your evolution – to go from advanced groups, to groups that are more and more advanced – on all aspects: financially, relationships, spiritual, etc.

I am extremely selective – and I recommend you to do the same.

Don’t get me wrong. I met wonderful people, like the founder of this manliness temple. With them I will be in contact my whole life. I will do this because there is a deep bond between us, not as superficial as hanging out for a few beers. Our bond is our path, our values, aspirations and integrity.

11) “If this doesn’t work, there are other options”

There is a thin balance between giving 100% and still being detached. It is thin, but you can achieve it, especially when suffering is knocking on the door. You have to be detached, to let the tension go and to KNOW that there are other options. There is actually AN ABUNDANCE of options in life – we just have to tune ourselves on their frequency.

12) “If I got so for, it’s impossible not to work”

This is an extremely encouraging thought, and completely true. Nothing happens by chance. If you’ve got to one point, no matter how advanced, it’s obvious that it can happen. Everything is up to you, no matter the ups and downs.

13) “If I can’t afford to buy a plane ticket, I will go there by bike”

This determined you’ll have to be. You’ll have to burn your bridges and to really want what you’re aiming for. You’ll have to leave yourself no other option(a thing which contradicts no. 11, but I am sure you’ll intelligent enough to know what I mean).

These thoughts can be applied to any initiative you’ll have this year. Don’t give up and don’t be a victim of laziness. Life, people as well, give a lot of respect to those who prove to be courageous and determined to achieve their goals.

Overcoming the inertia it’s like a rocket launch. You need a lot of fuel at the beginning. Then it begins to be easier and easier. Start spending time with prosperous and positive people. Read the books that inspire you.

Life is infinitely more generous with those who have courage. In the moment before, when you’re scared the most, when it seems that no one is with you. When you are facing a supernatural force.

In that moment you breath in. You jump. And as a miracle, the whole existence conspires with you in your action.

Be the hero of your life, not just an extra for 10 seconds. 2014 it’s YOUR year!”