Spoiler alert!9 cars; 12+ hours; 318km and 13.160 steps.


My departure day started as I expected. I woke up at 5:40 after only one hour of sleep(if only), because I was excited and nervous. After I ate a bit and checked for the weather, I went to the bus stop where I should’ve been picked up by someone to Szeged. At 6:30 I was there. He should’ve arrived at 6:40 ‘Till this point, everything went as planned. I kept waiting until 7:30 :)) After one hour I realized he wouldn’t come, so I made another plan. I took 2 buses to the place where is good to hitchhike to Hungary and by 8:30-9 I was hitchhiking.

The weather was pretty ok, only a bit cold. I made a sign with ‘Szeged’ and waited. After not much waiting, a couple that already passed me, stopped and took me only to Arad. I accepted because I consider that is better to move, only for a few kilometers, rather than to stay in one spot. They left me near the center of Arad and I had to walk all across to the other end in order to wait for a ride. Almost outside the city, someone took me only for a few km, to Pecica :)

From there I started to walk close to the road, in the town, with my Szeged sign. As I waked and showed the sign, a truck stopped. I didn’t expected that because trucks stop hard and they start a bit slow, but that guy stopped. We started talking and I found out that he was going to Austria and he said he would take me to Pecs, where I wanted. I was extremely happy when I found out that. When we approached the border, there was a huge line of trucks waiting. We waited for one hour to pass to Hungary. We were hearing over the radio station that some highways were closed, but not those we were going to take. After we passed the border we were happy and ready to go. The happiness wasn’t long enough, because after a few km, the police made every truck stop in a parking lot because they said there was an accident on the road. The funny thing is that every driver who was coming from that way, told that the road is clear and there wasn’t any accident. It was fishy, but we didn’t had any options.

I thought that I will sleep in the parking lot. After one hour I was thinking about other options… We were lucky, because after one hour they let us go. On the way, we looked on the GPS and the guy was not going through Pecs, so he let me very close to Szeged, ON THE FREAKING HIGHWAY!!! He just stopped near an exit and let me go. It was hilarious!! I was walking on the highway, on the emergency lane and I was laughing my ass off. I was in the middle of nowhere. Well, I was near Szeged, but still.

From there I changed a lot of cars and spoke the only 3 expressions I know in Hungarian, and I talked with my hands a lot! :))

On the road, one man who was coming from the direction I was heading, turned his car and drove me for 5 km to a better spot. I deducted from his Hungarian that I didn’t had a chance there so he took me somewhere else. But he was not going that way!!! How amazing is that :O

There were other drivers who took me for 10km and so on. But as I already said, it was good for me, because I was moving.

The last car who took me passed right to me and the female passenger tried to communicate something to me, by signing, but I didn’t understand it. I was still hiking when I saw that they came after me. They were a nice young couple who said that will take me for a few kilometers. After I started talking to them I found out that they were going in my direction and I told them to take me there. We still chatted and I told them where I was heading and they put my destination on the GPS. After they so that it was close to their destination they decided to took me all the way, although they were not heading that way!!! AMAZING! Peter, the driver, told me to thank his wife for the lift, because she convinced him to pick me up, after they first passed me. They were so great. They drove me to the house where I am now. Peter also gave me his phone number, and told me to call him if I want. He also told me that he plays in a band, as a hobby, and that he’s a business man.

Although it was a long day, it turned out great. I was happy I didn’t made any B-plan, because what I managed to do on the road turned out exactly to be right.

I was happy about the advice I received on Friday: “Whenever you’ll go through hard times, just laugh!” because it helped me. I didn’t had hard times, but it was so funny and nice to walk on the highway, or in the nature, laughing or singing.

It was great!!!