So basically this will be a “dear diary” – type of post.

I really want to share with you guys the things that happened to me these last 3 weeks. I am still in shock and as I told many of my friends and people I came in contact with: “I’m still waiting to wake up from this dream!
Honestly! I feel like I’m dreaming. And I’m dreaming a dream I never had.

Șezătoare - cum să călătorim fără bani @cărturești timișoara

So let me start by telling how this whole “The tour” started.
At one point I decided to have an event in Cărturești Timișoara, a very nice library where they host various events and talks on all kinds of topics. I knew from the time I was in Timișoara that they hosted some travelers who released their book, or photographers having their gallery set up there, and so on.
So I thought to myself “Why not contact them and organize and event about <How to travel without money>”. I asked them and they agreed. It was simple as that – ask and receive.

Ok! So this was settled. All good!
I was excited about the fact that I will have my first talk about this topic in Romania and in Romanian. I was also thinking of traveling a little bit through Romania, after the event, cos I didn’t know anything about a very big part of my country. This made me a bit frustrated so I was already sketching an itinerary in my head. It was a big circle, around 1500km with Moldavia included.

Everything went well with the promotion of the event and because I posted the event’s poster as my profile picture on facebook some of my friends who are not from Timișoara told me that I am selfish and I should go to their cites as well and tell them about the topic. More as a joke I told them that I will come, but with the condition that they will help me with finding a place where to have the event and also hosting me or something. I was picturing in my mind something like couchsurfing and going to a pub or bar where I will talk with some people interested about traveling.

Well, that was in MY head. Apparently the Universe, or who-knows-who, had some very interesting and different plans for me. With that jokingly acceptance I opened Pandora’s Box. Literally!

I never expected what came after this! The itinerary that I sketched in my mind now became “The Tour”, because it wasn’t only about my and seeing the country, it became the “How to travel without money” tour. Me! A tour! Me!? What the hell? What is happening?

In about one week I had planned events in 6 big cities of Romania, a few days apart. Besides this I managed, with the help of my friends and helpful people, to get my skinny ass hosted in a hostel, a pension and two hotels, from which one was a 4* and at 2 hosts, people I never met in my life! Me! What the hell?!

I knew a huge adventure was about to begin. I knew I had to hitchhike approx. 1500km in 3 weeks. I had planned my event quite smart, because they were at least 1 day after my arrival day, so in case I wasn’t picked up during “the traveling day” I would still have enough time on my hands to find a solution. See? I’m not that dumb and irresponsible. But I know that, and so do you! :)

real planning

As I said, everything was planned! Departure days, arrival days, event day, everything. Planned, as in written on paper and pinned in my calendar. Real planning. Thank you AIESEC for teaching me that!
So, as everything was so strictly planned I didn’t have much room to be spontaneous and stuff. But as the Universe likes to challenge you, in Cluj(the first stop) I was contacted by the national public tv station to go to one of their shows on Friday at 5pm. 5PM! Damn it! Friday was supposed to be departure day, which means early in the morning. I was faced with a big decision… so what did I do? I risked! I said yes and thought to myself that I will find a solution after that. I thought that it’s more important that the idea about traveling alternatively and about my next social charitable project will be spread than my ass getting to Fălticeni when I decided.
So the Universe gave me that solution on Thursday, when I had the event. The organizers suggested to donate in order to support my project and theirs so after that event I had 100ron (around 23 Euros), exactly the amount of money I needed to cover for the night train to my next destination. How awesome is that?

From there on all things went extremely smoothly. I got rides after rides. Hosts after hosts. I met awesome people who wanted to host me, even though I had a place to stay already. I met people who asked me to come there once again. People from the media contacted and invited me to their shows.
I got to 3 radio stations, to one big TV station and in lots of online newspapers.
Some drivers even told me they recognize me from TV, after a few minutes in their cars.

Is this really happening?

Like, really! Is it?

I talked to companies in order to make partnerships for my next project. And they said yes. People from TV stations called me even now(after I finished “The Tour”) and asked me if I want to go to their shows. As I am writing this article I have at least 2 or 3 interviews on my email waiting for me to answer them.
Incre-fucking-dible! What is happening? Really!

Have I told you that I am meeting girls? Yeah, in that way. Girls who are very interested in my stories and are opening so much towards me (pun intended). It’s out of this world!!
I honestly don’t know what’s happening right now, but I am going with the flow and enjoying every moment of it.

I have to admit that this tour thing made me feel very good, and it’s so funny for me to witness what I am doing. I felt like a very small rock star, and it feels really good!
The thing is that I don’t feel I did anything special. I hitchhiked through Europe, having a good financial skills and knowing how to manage my finances.

Ok, I also followed my dreams and decided to make my own rules and follow my own desires regardless of the fact that they fit or not to the norms. Yes, I did that too! But it’s so easy! It’s nothing special; it’s so easy that we tend not to see it because it’s in front of our eyes.

Do whatever makes you happy, but don’t hurt anyone while doing that, and that’s it!

I really hope more people will realize how easy everything is and will start doing what they want to do, not what others tell them to do.

Don’t be afraid! Be yourself! Make your own rules and enjoy your life!