Today I took a day off, because of the bad weather. Basically Alan told me that if I want I could take the day off and maybe visit Villány. So I took a spontaneous day off and got on the road.

Coincidentally, today is the International Day of Theater, and I spent it in a very, very nice way, thinking about my friends from Thespis.

After the breakfast I was gone. I quickly packed my tripod, camera, some spare batteries and my pois(I thought I might exercise my juggling skills somewhere…). I started walking down the road, after an old man explained(?) in Hungarian to me that there is no bus, toward the main road. After half an hour I got there and went towards the first town in my way. Although I was in a town, I kept going on the side of the road, not on the sidewalk, in order to hitchhike. It was a good idea, because after several minutes I was picked up. And I was picked up by a guy that I already met!!! How small is this world?! He’s a friend of my hosts from Pecs. He took me to Villány and also told me exactly where the cellars are.

I started going on the roads and started looking at all the cellars, which look exactly like houses… after a short while a lady asks me to get inside to eat. I explain to her that I only want to visit and she invites me in. I took some pictures there and it was interesting to see a restaurant inside a cellar.

After I walked the roads some more, I saw a banner about a museum but I wasn’t too sure where it is so I asked someone. The first person I met, and also asked, was a lady whit a stroller with a baby. She knew English pretty well and she told me that that museum was in another place but when I asked her about things to see she started to explain me about a lot of them. I went on top of a hill and there it was an observation point made out of wood. From there you could see the whole area, not only the town. It was amazing to be there. The view was quite stunning and only the feeling of being there was very nice.

When I got down from there I went to a cellar that was also a restaurant. I chose one that had the menu in English too. I was the only one there, but 2 seats were reserved. The guy who was working there knew a bit of English and he was very polite. I spent some money there, but I don’t regret it. Although I am on a small budget, I guess that from time to time it’s ok to do a thing like this. I had a ‘rich meat soup’, than ‘grilled goat cheese’ with ‘French potatoes’ and a deciliter of Magnum Cuvee. Everything was delicious! The rich meat soup was indeed very rich in meat. The grilled cheese was the thickest grilled cheese that I had in my life, not to mention the amazing taste… and that wine was very good. I don’t drink wine often, but I can tell that this one was good.

After that meal I had to burn some calories and I started to walk the streets of Villány once again and went into others cellars. A very nice man let me get inside and visit his cellar, but only for 5 minutes because he was leaving. He had lots of diplomas and trophies on his walls, and in the basement, right on the end he had some arches in the wall, where he had some pyramids made out of wine bottles. On my way out I saw some very, very old wine bottles. They were covered in sand that was stuck to them and had some spider web. It looked like the bottles from Captain Jack Sparrow’s hiding place on that island, if you saw the movie.

I wanted to see the museum but I wasn’t that lucky… it was closed. Then I tried my luck to the info center. After going through some streets in order to find it, guess what? That also was closed…

Seeing that, and looking at the clock I decided to go to the post office to buy some envelopes and then get home. I had a bit of fun at the post office. None of the ladies there knew English, so after I ‘talked’ to them, my hands were hurting! :) Eventually we managed to understand each other, somehow, and I bought my stuff.

My way back to Kiskassa wasn’t that difficult. After waiting for approximately 10 minutes, right when I was about to finish my cigarette, a car pulled over and I had to throw it. It wasn’t my first time when I had to throw a cigar because I was picked up. Maybe I should light one every time I am hitchhiking :)

The man who took me was going further, so I got off at the intersection to Kiskassa and from there I started walking.

I don’t know why, but I am sure it wasn’t from the wine, but on the way home I was so happy and in a good mood that I started singing out loud and dancing. I was literally singing and dancing in the middle of the road, heading back to my place. Even if I haven’t done too many stuff, it was an exciting day for me and I felt like my batteries were filled!

Note to self: I should stop telling people who give me a ride that I don’t have money, because when I do that they have a weird look on their face like they don’t understand what I am talking about…


Here’s a collage of videos taken today: