I’m saying not that Slovenia is the only place in the world that I am taking in consideration when it comes to settling. I am writing these reasons about Slovenia because here I had my longest stay so far.

1. Scenery

One of the first reasons I can think about would be the scenery. I don’t mean the breathtaking sunsets that I see almost every evening. No, no, no. I refer to the hilly areas. The valleys and the rivers that cut through little mountains.
For me, these surroundings reminds me of my hometown which looks very similar to what I’ve described. Slovenia’s scenery invites you to take long walks through the almost untouched forests. Or to go and sit by a river and just enjoy the life around you.
Although people are actually living here(believe it or not) the calmness and tranquility of the places makes you think that nobody’s around.

2. People’s kindness

Speaking about the people who are living here, they will kidnap you, and you will love it. For real! They will be so nice and fun that you won’t be able to escape their grip of love. So far all my interactions that I had here, since March, were nothing but pleasant.
I don’t know, there’s something about them. They are very kind and helpful. I don’t think it’s because of the whole “he’s a foreigner, let’s treat him nice and impress him” thing. I feel them. I feel them being genuinely open and willing to lend a helping hand.
Let me give you just an example regarding their kindness. Here, most of the young people use a carpooling website for the obvious reasons. As I like to hitchhike, I don’t use it. Buuuut, two or three times I had to use that system “because of the reasons”. What’s interesting about this story is that I never paid for the ride, because the drivers were telling me (insistently) not to. This happened because I was socializing with them, as I do with all the drivers. After hearing what I do and about my trips they were all telling me to keep my money. And the stories can continue forever.

3. Their attitude

Sometimes I even forget that I’m not in Romania because of their attitude. The speed and calmness of the people is strikingly similar to those in Ardeal(for the Romanian readers). These people are so chill that sometimes this bugs me. I don’t mind this way of life, in fact I love it, but I am very punctual and they just say “polako, polako”, which means “(take it) easy, easy”.

4. Cultural and heritage appreciation

Another thing that I love about them is the fact that they appreciate their heritage and culture.
In the small towns and villages you’ll notice that the houses, even if they are renovated, they are not opulent. The settlements are blending together as a whole. You won’t find so many houses that stand out through their color or shape. This practice makes villages and towns stand out and shine. The whole beauty of a place stays in its culture and history. Probably they know this too and they decided to keep it and use it in their advantage, by attracting tourists.

5. Genuine promotion of their touristic attractions

Although the country is small, they appreciate the things they have here and they promote them well. And the promotion is genuine. I mean, you have so many things that you can see or do here that you’ll wonder where can they have them in such a small country. You can literally cross the country, by car, in less than 3 hours. This is ridiculous!!!

6. Practical spirit

I like the fact that here things are moving on. They are practical people and after they complain about how awful things are, they make a plan and get to action.
Young ones teaming up with older people make things work. They make all kind of associations, organizations for their interests. They work together, not against each other and that pays off.

Imagine that these guys have a huge squat almost in the center of their capital. The place is alternative and buzzing with people. In that place you’ll find all the sub-cultures interacting with each other and not being bothered by their differences.

7. Parks!

Talking about their capital reminded me about the parks and places where you can go and relax. In Slovenia there’s no place where you won’t find a green patch of nature after walking for 10 minutes. And when I say a “patch of nature” I mean a big park or even a forest where you can get lost!

8. Nature!

Slovenia has a great palette of places to go. For example the Alps(yes, they have the Alps here!). Or their small patch of seaside (only 30km) which I heard is called “the small Monaco”(I haven’t been there, yet). Forests are everywhere. I am not joking! Around 60-70% of their country is covered in forests. Some of the rivers around here are stunning. When I first saw Soca river I thought it’s polluted or something. That blue-green color seemed unreal. But the coldness of the water felt very real when I’ve put my feet inside. In a few minutes the blood in your legs will decide to leave. But these rivers are great for canoeing or rafting and stuff.
They also have lakes, caves and probably a lot more places that I even heard about.

9. Sunbathing and skiing just 2 hours away!

Really now, who wouldn’t like to live in a country where you can go skiing in the morning and after driving for 2 hours you can sunbathe on the seaside, in the afternoon?
Well, if you’ll come to Slovenia you will be able to do just that!


It’s not that I’m saying Slovenia is the best place in the world, but I can find a lot more reasons why I should settle here, if I would think of that.

Which are the places where you would consider settling and for what reasons?

Let me know in your comments!