How you can live without money*

Ok, I must admit, not entirely without money, but almost without any money at all. After all we are social beings and we have some needs that can be fulfilled by using money but...


Interview with a skinny chick travelling


When you start traveling you will, most likely, meet a lot of people. You will meet other travelers, travel enthusiasts, people who admire what you do and so on. While you’ll be meeting tons...


What will solo traveling do to you!


A lot of people ask me „Why do you travel alone?” or “Why don’t you travel with a girl ;)” or similar questions. They are entitled to ask this. Come on! Who would like...


How not to make friends in Slovenia

Here’s a very useful guide of how not to make friends when you’re in Slovenia. It doesn’t matter if you have enough friends, you’re just a beginner in the social interaction environment or you’re...